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I get asked a lot what the best way is to store classroom curriculum or units bought on TpT.  If y'all saw my organization you would die.  It's gallon-sized bags with stuff falling out everywhere.  BUT, I have a goal to get all nice and organized this summer.  So, I'll show you what I have started!  So far, I've done this for Third Grade Magic of Math.  I'm going to work on Second Grade later this week!

All of our Math units come with notebook covers within the units.  You can now grab them in one easy to print document HERE!
I put one week inside of a small binder.  If you wanted to put all weeks into a binder you would definitely want a BIG one because some of the units have 300 pages!

I used sheet protectors to house all of my materials.  This makes it easy to just grab what you need to copy super quick!  But, that can add up, so hole punching works just fine :)  I wanted to organize my math by days, so I made tabs that you can grab HERE!  You just fold and tape onto the sheet protector.
Side-note...Did you know that each day of our math curriculum includes ALL of the materials you need for a daily word problem, minilesson, activity, and interactive notebooks.  You don't have to buy a whole bunch of supplemental units because we have included it ALL... even I Can Statements and Vocabulary Cards!
At the front of the unit I put a pencil pouch that I grabbed for less than a dollar!  Here is where I stored any paper manipulatives needed for the week!
What I like about the sheet protectors is that I can utilize both sides of the insert.  I put my daily lesson plan on the front and the pictures of the daily contents on the back.  After that went I in order... Word Problem, Minilesson Materials (all in one page protector...even if there were multiple pages per section), Activities, and Interactive Notebook goodies!
 Another nice thing about the sheet protectors is that I can insert my original documents as well as any examples or sets I've already made.
to keep things from slipping out I just used paperclips so that it wouldn't cause a disaster if tipped over.
Another way to keep cards or small pieces together is by using an envelope.  I just hole punched it and put it right in front of my originals!  This is a great solution because it closes shut and keeps things tidy!
 You don't even have to take it out of the notebook!  You just raise up the flap and get out what you need :)
I feel so much better about all the files I had shoved in every nook and cranny.  It's definitely a process to put everything into notebooks, but boy it sure does help!  Now I can flip to a day, see the lesson plan, and all of the materials that I need are organized and easy for me to see!

Click below for the organization tools in one easy download!

I will be doing the same thing for 2nd grade math organization, so I'll share a link for those binder covers, spines, and tabs later this week! 

And, just in case you didn't know...
Our entire 3rd Grade Magic of Math Curriculum is complete!  We've got 38 weeks of math instruction that will amp up your math block!  Want to know more about Magic of Math?  Read about it HERE!

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Beth said...

This is a thing of sheer beauty, as a Primary teacher from the UK, I am extremely jealous of the freedom in curriculum with beautiful resources, we have nowhere near as many resources pre-made or colourful and very little freedom as to what we teach. I love reading for creative inspiration :)