Sharks: Part One!

Do you study sharks in your classroom?  The students get so into learning about these guys!  One of our focuses in May's Rooted in Reading is Shark Week.  I must say, it's one of my favorites!
Students love to learn any little piece of information about sharks and they are always so eager to share what they already know!  After reading our informational book about sharks, I had the students help me create an anchor chart to showcase what they know so far.  They worked in groups to brainstorm ideas.
Then the students came up, shared their idea, and added it to our anchor chart.
They can definitely keep adding to it throughout the week, but I love how it showcases the focus for the week and anchors the learning.  You can find the anchor chart pieces HERE.
Looking for a good video?  This one is just the perfect length and uses a lot of the same vocabulary as the book we use for Rooted in Reading!
Students also used this little informational reader from our unit to gain even more knowledge about the different types of sharks.
They got into groups and went through the facts about sharks together.  They discussed the interesting information with their partners.
After that it was time to have a little fun creating!  I got the idea to make a shark out of newspaper from I Heart Crafty Things.  I must admit... it was a little difficult finding paper that was appropriate for second graders to use!  I had to search big time!

We did this similar to a directed drawing where I just went through the steps with them.  I didn't give any templates, but I led them through the process.

After creating our sharks, we wrote about our four favorite sharks from the informational reader on a flapbook.  Once again, I just showed students how to create their flapbook.  I didn't give them a printable.  We folded and cut together, and not a one of them messed up!
How precious are they??  I love art projects like this that showcase their creativity and little personalities!
It's just all in the details!  So precious!
I'll be back tomorrow with Sharks:  Part Two!  I've got some more fun ideas to share with you!  You can also see what we did last year HERE!  Until then, get your shop on at the TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale!

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