Duct Tape Wallets and Financial Literacy

Have you ever made Duct Tape wallets with your class?  Today was the first time I've ever done it.  Not sure that I'd ever do it again, but it was memorable, ha!

There are SOOOOO many ways to make them... just search Duct Tape Wallets on Pinterest and you'd be amazed!  {THIS} is the tutorial I used.  I will say that it was easiest to teach about four students to do it and then allow them to help the rest of the class.  But, goodness, there was a lot of wadded up duct tape throughout the process!!!
1.  Cut 3 strips of tape- about 11-12 inches long (do this twice).  Overlap three strips just a little so that they stick together to make one sheet.  Do this with both sets of three strips!  
2.  Put the 2 sheets together- sticky side in.  Trim the edges.
3.  Fold the bottom up- a little more than a third of the way.
4.  Use duct tape to seal the two edges.  Cut extra off.
5.  Use velcro to secure.  You can cut the flap to add a little extra pizazz :)

Even if I wanted to pull my hair out, it was worth it because the students LOVED it.  They got a little frustrated throughout the process, but I think they could totally do it on their own now... and they are so excited to have their very own little wallets that they made with their own two hands!
Really they are just little pouches, but they are super sturdy.  You could use these for a number of things in the classroom- especially for ticket or coupon holders!
 I may have #allthegrayhairs now but I have to admit they are pretty stinkin' cool!
 Since the students are starting Personal Financial Literacy, we stored a whole bunch of paper money so that we would have it on hand for the next few days!  After we had our wallets and money all ready to go, we did review counting coins and making different amounts.  It's been a while, so we did a quick refresher!
 Then it was time to start talking about spending money.  We played a game from Magic of Math Unit 5-Week 3!  
 Students worked in groups to solve money word problems together.  They used their wallets and money to act out the money situations.  There are higher-level questions that incorporated several skills the students have learned throughout the year.  I was so pleased with how well they did :)
 Students took turns reading the word problems and asking students to act out the problem!
 They continued doing that until they had purchased all of the items from the ice cream truck!
Tomorrow we are going to dig into Saving and Spending!  Let's see if the students are willing to give up some of the money from their wallets or if they are more prone to saving it for later!  Looking for more financial literacy activities?  Here are some from our 2nd grade unit:

And here are some from our 3rd grade unit:

If you have any tips on making duct tape wallets with an entire class, leave them below!  I'd love to hear your suggestions!

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