Main Idea Airways

Today the students became Pilots of the Main Idea Airways!  They have been studying Amelia Earhart with Rooted in Reading March.  Today we took it a little further and incorporated main idea and details.

First up, they made this pilot hat that I found on Etsy from Wow Printables HERE.
Then we read a passage about Amelia Earhart that I found (for free) HERE.  When teaching main idea I like to use books, articles, passages, and anything in between!  It's important for students to know how to state the main idea for the whole text AND for the different portions of the text.
After reading the passage together we filled out our anchor chart and wrote about the main idea and details from the entire passage.
 Then I broke the students into Pilot Crews... which I also called Pirate Crews the majority of the day, ha! The Pilot Crews had to re-read a portion of the text that I assigned and discuss the main idea from just that portion.
Together, they had to form their main idea into a sentence that could be written down on a strip of paper.
 If the pilots successfully completed their Main Idea flight, they were able to make airplanes from clothespins and popsicle sticks!
 I told them these were like Main Idea Airplanes.  The clothespin is like the main idea because it's the MAIN part of the airplane... without it you have NO airplane, just like without the main idea you have NO story!  The popsicle sticks or the wings are like the details that add to the story and give a little more color to our main idea :)  You can find the airplane tutorial HERE.  I used glue dots rather than actual glue so that it would be quick and easy!
And that's a wrap!  I must say that the airplanes and hats were such a hit.  Sometimes it's the little things that make the most difference :)

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