Fun with Fractions

Do you know what I love?  I love when it's time to go from the headache of regrouping to other math concepts, ha!  Now, don't get me wrong, over the years I have come to really enjoy finding new ways to teach regrouping so that students understand it BUT sometimes it just makes you want to pull your hair out!  Can I get an AMEN?!  When fractions, measurement, and graphs come around I really feel like second graders are in the home stretch!  Let's take a look at some fun, interactive, and engaging fraction activities for 2nd graders.

A lot of what we are doing in 2nd grade is really helping students to grasp the idea of parts of a whole.  We want them to see the different sizes of parts and be able to identify how many parts it takes to equal a whole.  This little apple booklet is a great visual for kiddos.
 One of my favorite things about fractions is there are so many fun ways to create fraction models.  You can make pizzas, ice cream sundaes, gumball machines, and so much more!

For these fraction rainbows students ordered fractions from one-fourth to one and two fourths.  This also enhanced their understanding of going beyond the whole.

Now the BEST thing is that you can incorporate all kinds of hands-on activities and FOOD!  Play-dough is the perfect way to get students working with their hands to model fractions.
Anyone hungry?  Even if we can't bring actual pizza into the classroom we can still have fun with pretend pizzas :)
 If you're mouth isn't watering yet...
 These frosted cookies are everywhere AND they are super soft so it makes for easy cutting.  If your students can't eat them in school just bag 'em up to take home!
Taking it a step further, have students demonstrate what they did with their cookie by making a model with a description.
 It's yummy and cute!
Want even more ideas and fun ways to teach fractions?  We've created a Sample day for both 2nd and 3rd Grades with free printables!  In it you will find fraction ice cream cones, a whole group game, word problem, and interactive notebook entry :)
Know any 3rd grade teachers?!  We've got them covered with four weeks of fraction lesson plans.  Dare them to take the plunge and learn with food, games, and interactive lessons!

I've shared lots of fraction posts in the past.  Check those out HERE!  You'll even find a few freebies along the way :)

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