Biographies with MLK

This week the students are learning all about biographies along with Dr. King.  Today we broke apart the elements of a biography.  As we were reading A Picture Book About Martin Luther King, Jr we charted the elements of a biography.  We discussed the main idea, organization, author, and facts included.  This adorable chart by Abby was the perfect backdrop for our information!
Since the book was organized by date, we worked on ordering important dates from MLK's life. There are SOOOOOO many important dates in Dr. King's life, but I just picked ten that the students could discuss and order.  I randomly numbered the events from 0-9 to match our 9 sided dice.  Students rolled the dice and chose the event that matched the number rolled.  Students had to discuss and order the events as a class.  Rolling the dice was a lot of fun, plus we really were able to focus on the organization component of our biography!  You can grab Dr. King's dates HERE!
 After we read, charted, and ordered events it was time for us to put our organization skills to use.  We made our MLK booklets and chose events from the beginning, middle, and end of his life to include on our booklet pages.
Dr. King's suit flips up to make a booklet :)
 We went ahead and added this booklet to Rooted in Reading January.  If you have already purchased, make sure to go to your My Purchases tab or Dropbox to download the revised unit!
The kids loved how they turned out, and were able to tell me a lot about Dr. King AND biographies!  I'd call that a win-win!

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