Reindeer Ruckus

Today was all about the reindeer!  Students have been reading The Wild Christmas Reindeer and completing Reindeer Research all week, so today we decided to celebrate with a bunch of Reindeer Ruckus!

Before we look at today's fun, here is a little look at their hard work from throughout the week:
First up today, we made our Shape Reindeer.  These turned out to be a great review of shapes... and pretty cute if I do say so myself ;)  These are in my Christmas Craze unit.
 The we did a little decomposing of shapes with graham crackers.  After our little discussion, we made Reindeer snacks using graham crackers, pretzels, chocolate spread, candy eyeballs (found on the baking aisle), and cherry sours.  I let the students complete their own, and they had a blast!  But, I should mention one thing...

I was in the store trying to gather these supplies and I kept running into a mental roadblock.  You see, I was going to use peanut butter, but we have a peanut allergy so that wouldn't work.  Then I found chocolate spread which would work because it is spreadable and brown.  But, it was made in a factory with nuts.  So, I ended up getting marshmallow fluff for that other student.  I was all "you know some reindeer/caribou are white" and the student bought into it #winning.  After we finished I thought, "DUH AMY!!!!  YOU COULD HAVE JUST BOUGHT CHOCOLATE ICING!"  Hello!  Problem would have been solved and it would not have been as messy!!!  Plus everyone could have used the same ingredient! #duh #learningmoment #haveabetterplanbeforeyougoshopping

Oh well, the kids didn't know I had made such a silly mistake so they loved it ;)  Aren't those candy eyeballs to die for?  They are so dang cute!
Of course you need Rudolph juice to go with your reindeer snack!  I actually normally make this during Seuss week, but I needed something red like Rudolph's nose!  We just mixed Sprite and Hawaiian Punch :)
After that we had lots of fun with Reindeer BINGO!  (FREEBIE HERE!)
 Students used Rudolph noses (cinnamon candies) as their BINGO markers.  If they won a round, I let them eat a nose :)  Perfect little incentive/prize and I didn't have to pass anything else out!  I found the mini-SOLO cups in Christmas colors and they held our Rudolph noses perfectly! 
 And now I'm pooped!  Pretty soon we will all be enjoying our holiday break, the hustle and bustle, and a long winter's nap ;)

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