Multiplication Fact FREEBIE

Are you a 3rd or maybe even 4th grade teacher trying to get your students motivated to memorize those multiplication facts?  Hope and I believe that if students have a solid foundation in skip counting then they will be much more successful with those multiplication facts!  To complement our Magic of Math Unit 3 for 3rd Grade, we have made multiplication bracelets that your students can wear to practice those pesky facts!
We suggest focusing on one fact at a time and really practicing that skip counting.  You definitely don't want to pass out all the bracelets at once!
 Students can use their skip counting patterns to answer the multiplication facts, or you can have them leave the products blank so they can practice time and time again.
If you want your students to have a little fun practicing multiplication,  has some really fun games.  Just click on 3rd grade and scroll down to numbers.  Many of the games you can choose which operation you want to practice.  ABCya also has apps you can download to devices.  They are very interactive and fun, but also educational!
 You can get this FREEBIE by clicking on the picture below or by clicking HERE!
We wish you the best of luck with fact memorization!

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