Third Grade Math: Estimating Solutions

Happy Weekend, friends!  This is for all our Third Grade Teacher Friends out there!  We wanted to share a couple of games for Estimating Solutions with you!

To play this game students can use the monster number cards, a deck of cards, or index cards labeled 0-9.  It's best if they have a few of each number.  This game can be used for numbers of any size :)
Each student builds their addition sentence whether it is 2 or 3 digit (or higher).  Students write their equation and then round to estimate solutions.  The partner who calculates the highest sum is the winner of the round.  Once students get the hang of it they will realize how to arrange their cards to create the largest sum possible!  You can also play this with Estimating Differences.  Students just have to put the greater number on top or as their first number.  The student with the difference closest to zero gets a point for that round!
The next game is Monster Bingo.  This game is for estimating sums and differences of two digit numbers.  Of course I found a mistake after taking a picture.  This BINGO card's numbers have been fixed... goodness me!
There are six difference game boards so that students have different chances of winning the game.  You can do this whole group or in small groups.  Students solve the equation by estimating solutions.  Once they have a solution, students cover that number either with the monster eyes provided, or with counters/transparent chips.  If you don't write on the boards then you can save them from year to year!
 Those games are not included in Unit 2, so if you already purchased the unit, you will still want to grab the freebie!  Click HERE!  

In Unit 2 there are four skills that we cover...

Multi-Digit Addition:  Breaking Apart Addends of 3-Digit Numbers, The Associative Property, The Commutative Property, and 3-Digit Addition with Regrouping.
Week 2 focuses on 3-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping.  This concept can often times be repetitive and BORING!  We tried to keep the repetition that they need, but offer activities that are engaging and fun for our students :)
Week 3 is all about Estimating Solutions.  This week is full of FUUUUUUNNNNN!  We covered 2-digit sums and differences and 3-digit sums and differences.
Week Four is all about those pesky word problems.  Your students will learn how to conquer multi-step problems :)
You can check out Third Grade Unit 2 HERE!

Before I go, I wanted to share a few new math manipulatives that I ordered and just love.  These jumbo dice are just too much fun.  There are five different dice and they are foam... which is perfection!  They can be used during whole group or even given to students that are making good choices for games.
I also bought a regrouping kit for Joelle to use at home.  She will start working on that soon, and she isn't a huge fan of math.  Girlfriend loves to read, but compute... notsomuch!  So, I thought that might make it a little more visual and interesting for her.  I also found jumbo double dice.  Nothing fancy about them other than the fact that they are a larger than your average dice!  You can click on any of the pictures below to find these items on Amazon :)
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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I love all of your products I have almost all of them! For Boot camp writing and other Write on Units, do you include examples of finished work!