Writing Boot Camp!

Happy Summer, friends!  Before I take my afternoon nap (I wish, ha!) I thought I'd give you a little up close look at Write On!  Boot Camp!  Hope and I tried to think of every little thing you would need to get your students writing during the first month of school :) 

This unit is divided into four weeks.  I wouldn't recommend starting the very first week of school because you just won't have time.  I would start your first full week of instruction when you are into regular routines.

We start very simple during Boot Camp.  Your students will learn how to brainstorm, organize, revise, edit, and publish but they will take it super slow!
 They will definitely be taking it slow, BUT students will stay engaged because the activities are hands-on and all boot camp themed! 
 You do NOT need props, but here are some fun ones that we found.  Of course, always check out dollar sections and stores because they have the best prices!


During Week One students will be completing a Survival Guide with writing that really is geared for the beginning of a school year.  In Week 2 students will work on all about me riddles.  Both of the writing activities are simple because we really want students to learn the process rather than working on a difficult writing piece.  We also want them to feel empowered and like they really can write.  You'll find that most students can definitely write about themselves!
 After students are exposed to two weeks of writing and really enjoying what it looks like to devote a portion of their day to writing, you will spend two weeks focusing on the basics of Write On!  Workshop.  You will go through what it looks like to do journal writing, use a writing folder, set writing goals, track their progress, etc.  The minilessons are structured so that students understand what is expected each day during their writing time.
 Of course, we can't only teach procedures.  We wanted to make it fun, interactive, and engaging for our learners!
You'll want to purchase this book for our lesson about using mentor texts to write:
Your students will also learn how to communicate during peer share time, how to offer constructive feedback, and how to reflect on their writing each day.
You can find out more by clicking on the image below.  I'll be back later this week with a Boot Camp freebie, so make sure you check back!!!
Before I go, we do not have release dates for the other units.  We promise that we are working diligently to complete them in a timely manner :)


Daniella Garcia said...

I love this and your rooted in reading series they are wonderful. Will the 2 of you be doing anything similar for the year for math like you did for reading? Would love to see that!! Your work is awesome!

64colorbox said...

Am I missing something? You mention a book, but didn't give a title. Is my computer just not loading the link? Thanks

Clem said...

Hi, I love your wirk and I was wonderig, what do you use to create your documents? They look so nice !

Obaidillah Hira said...

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Joelle said...

I've bought the Boot Camp Unit and I'm really looking forward to using it. I do have a question though. In looking at it, you have writing budgeted for about an hour. I'm curious what your daily schedule looks like and where you find that time.

kelli williams said...

I am looking through your Writing Boot Camp at Day 1 Brainstorming. I was just wondering what kinds of things you were wanting the students to write for "Skills for Success"? Thanks!