Boot Camp Freebie!

Remember when I said that I'd be back for our Writing Boot Camp freebie?!  Well here I am!  We decided that your kiddos needed to feel the boot camp vibe a little more, so our freebie includes a hat and dog tags that your students can wear while going through Writing Boot Camp!
Students can write their information, writing tips, or the writing steps on their dog togs... it's up to you!  We just made the hat for fun, but I'm certain you could incorporate it into one of the lessons as well.  They could even do a little writing on it :)  These can also be saved for one of our national holidays and military celebration days!

And because she's the cutest little model out there....
To find out more information about Write On! Unit One click HERE.  To check out the freebie click HERE!

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NagaRaj Raj said...

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