Shark Week!

This week is one of those *notsofun* weeks in Texas.  The big kids are testing so the little ones are isolated in their room ALL DAY LONG... no recess, specials, plus lunch in the classroom.  That makes for wild children and tired teachers!  I decided that it was the perfect time to bring out Shark Week!!!

I found these shark fruit snacks at Kroger and knew I needed them.  They served as great bribes motivators ;) 
My kids loved learning little tidbits about the different types of sharks.  They broke off around the room with a partner to read and discuss.  Then all came back to ask "Is the Lemon Shark your favorite because of your last name?" #nope #notafanofsharks

After reading and researching sharks for a while, the students made these cutie patootie sharks to share their favorite information!
One of the highlights of our time together is always directed drawings.  Even in the midst of crazy weeks with no outside time, they always sit quietly and listen for instructions!

If there were polka-dotted sharks, I may feel differently about them ;)
There are SOOO many great videos out there for sharks, but our favorites are definitely Shark Academy Videos.  Click HERE to check all of those out.  Here are some that we found particularly interesting!

We are in the final countdown now!  I can't wait for my babies to both be home all day without lunches to pack, clothes to get ready, and bedtimes to worry about!!


SC Teacher 28 said...

I love these ideas! Do you have the directions for the shark directed drawings and the templates for the sharks you made to go with your writings? I am thinking about using your ideas for next week with my 2nd graders! :)


Tami said...

Where can I find this fabulous activity-it would be just perfect for my 1st graders.