Miss Rumphius and a Multiplication FREEBIE!

This week in 2nd grade, the students have been learning about Earth Day and multiplication.  I decided to incorporate both subjects into one activity for a little Fun Friday morning!

Since we are reading Miss Rumphius, I thought... let's make some lupines!  And, how wonderful they fit with the concept of multiplication.  All you need are some paint dotters (or you could totally use regular paint, markers, or crayons).  I promise you... give your students paint dotters to work with, and you pretty much become the world's best teacher within a matter of minutes ;)
We started by discussing Miss Rumphius and charting some things about her.  For everything I added to the chart, they had to explain why we should write it down.  "We know she is friendly because the Bapa Raja invited her into his home."  "She went from sad to happy when she was hurt and then became well."

After discussing the book together, we started to make our lupine landscape.  First, students had to get their word problems glued down and their backgrounds prepped.
 I allowed the students to come up with their own numbers for how many stems and blossoms they wanted.  However, I didn't let them go over 6 stems or 6 blossoms each because often times when you give paint dotters students will keep going and going.  That makes it very difficult to solve a multiplication problem when there are dots all over the page!  Basically, they could have between 2-6 stems and 2-6 blossoms on each stem.  We talked a lot about making equal groups and how all of our stems had to have the same amount of blossoms in order for it to become a multiplication problem.
 They really enjoyed making their multiplication problems because:
1.  It was tied into a book that they thoroughly enjoyed
2.  The novelty of paint dotters
3.  They had freedom to create their own problems!
You can grab the word problem freebie HERE.  I also included a version without Miss Rumphius to make it more generic in case you don't have the book.  Looking for more multiplication activities?  My multiplication situations unit has lots of other similar activities!  Click HERE to check that out :)


Carolyn Kisloski said...

I LOVE this idea. Miss Rumphius is one of my all time favorite books. This is such a great post. I bet your kids had a ball. :) Happy Weekend!

Second Grade Sillies said...

My kids just completed this activity. I gave you credit so now I'm supposed to find more of your ideas to use. I'm TOTALLY cool with that! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas. I love it when fun and learning come together!

Neely Barham said...

Love this activity! Can I ask where you found those cool colors of Bingo dotters? All I can ever find are the primary colors.

Sondra Niland said...

Thank you so much for sharing! We love everything you do!


So curious how long this project takes. One hour? More? Including reading the book.

David N. Olson said...

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Jessica Early said...

I absolutely love your rooted in reading resources. How do you possibly for everything in? Do you have a daily schedule posted anywhere as far as the break downs of time for math, reading, science, and social studies?