Have you gotten your Write On! yet?!

Have you taken the plunge to get your Write On! yet?  We have so loved seeing pictures floating around Insta with how Write On! is working in your classrooms :)  Several teachers and students are finishing up Unit 9:  Fiction, so we wanted to take the time to share some pictures that caught our eye!  This also might give you a better idea of how to implement Write On! in your classroom!  First, let's start with "My Night At the White House."

Here you can see how @thehomeschoolstyle set up her brainstorming chart and how her sweet guy is researching for ideas!
 One of the components of "My Night at the White House" is using dialogue in our writing.  

Look how @_mrs.dillon_ used the egg hunt activity to piece together dialogue statements!  So fun!
 I love how @teaching3rdwithmrg shows several of the pieces of Write On in this picture.  You can see the brainstorming, organizing, research, and rough draft all taking place in just one pic!
 I just love the final results shown here from @thehomeschoolstyle!  Also, check out her board in the background... amazing!
 Next up... "How I Became a Pirate!"

Charts are a big part of Write On!  You can see how @sarabeth781 got her board all ready and then the aftermath of student brainstorming!
 One of my favorite parts of Write On! is how engaging the lessons are.  @starsinsecondgrade brought out a treasure chest full of pirate loot so that her students could use vivid vocabulary in their writing!

 Another great board by @seusstastic!
 Here is a story brainstorming chart from @abuckeyeteacher

 It is awesome seeing how teachers are really bringing these writing units to life!  Check out how teachers are transforming their rooms to get their kiddos excited!

 How great is this Treasure map from @starsinsecondgrade?!  
 And, here is her class editing their writing!
 @thehomeschoolstyle always has such great photos.  I just want to plop right in her homeschool room and take part in all the fun she has with her son!!!
Keep sharing those pictures by tagging #writeonwriting!  We would love to see how it is working for you!  Write On:  Unit 11 will be released within the next week... I think you will LOVE it!


A Houser said...

I am loving it in my classroom! We are doing the pirate writing! I had it in my lesson plans last week to get started, did day 1 Monday then the stomach bug hit me and I had a sub 2 days last week. I decided to scrap it and basically start over with Day 2 this week. I love that you can adapt and add and do just however much or which parts you want. One day we did a journal writing where they drew an illustration of what their pirate looked like in their heads. We then brainstormed character traits and wrote them in bubbles around their character. It goes perfectly with our Miss Rumphius story this week and how we have brainstormed character traits for her too. Because we have spent so much time building this story and not just writing it quickly they are SO excited to write. WHEN ARE WE WRITING OUR STORY MRS HOUSER???? Every day. I also hear them talking during the day about things they have thought to add. It's so neat. I love this writing unit! I'm getting more comfortable with it each day and how to display and use the things in my classroom! I look forward to the rest! As well as the rest of Rooted In Reading! I started with you in october with the 1st release - this is my first year teaching 2nd grade after many years in K and I absolutely LOVE the resources in both these units! It was just what I needed this year since my school uses a reading series (not required) and not my style - and I was so used to my hands on fun resources for kindergarten. These are the perfect mix of fun, engaging and really thought provoking for the kiddos!

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