Our 2nd graders were completing whale research this past week.  You can see things I've done in the past (along with some freebies) HERE.  They love it each and every year, so we keep it in the lesson cycle for that very reason!  I wanted to use some of the dolphin activities that Katie and I integrated into our Shark book unit from May's Rooted in Reading.  Yep.  You heard that right.  I pulled from May's reading unit and it's only April!  Have you ever considered moving books/skills around to best fit your learners?  Does your district require to you teach in a different sequence than what we have mapped out?  A lot of the seasonal books may not be able to be moved around, but the others... move them around, spice things up, do what you wish!  After all, the Rooted in Reading Police are doing it too, ha!  

Really though, I only needed the dolphin section, so we shall save the sharks for next month!  I picked up some Swedish Fish as an incentive.  I'm not below bribing kids with candy towards the end of the school year... or ever. #truth #whateverittakes 

The Swedish Fish became their dolphin food once their activities were complete.

The lesson started with our Dolphin nonfiction reader.  We learned lots of great information and shared tons of dolphin stories.  What I learned?  Kids LOVE dolphins.  I mean, what's not to love?!

I was able to share my dolphin excursion experience with them as well.  They loved seeing Mrs. Lemons kiss a dolphin, ha!
And, we watched a lot of great videos to see dolphins in action!

 After lots of discussing, reading, and watching it was time to show me a little of what they learned. I didn't require a lot from them.  Actually, I only asked them to write on a sticky note.  Give me some information on a sticky note... you get some dolphin food.  #keepingthingssimple #nothingfancyhere
 We added all of our dolphin information to a chart so we could showcase what we have learned.
 For their second batch of dolphin food, they had to complete a directed drawing of a dolphin.  This also comes from Rooted in Reading May.  In order to get a batch of fish, students had to listen closely, pay attention, and work quietly.  Oh... and they had to color decently, ha!  Can you tell we are nearing the end of the year?!  
 The best part about this was listening to their reactions after drawing their dolphins.  When they were writing their dolphin facts on their sticky notes several of the students had tried to draw a dolphin.  I heard lots of "I CAN'T draw a dolphin!"  "My dolphin looks terrible!"  After I showed them how to do it, they were all so proud of themselves!  We turned lots of "I Can'ts" into "I Can!"

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