Dividing with Cookies and a FREEBIE

When teaching math, I love to find books that accompany our concepts.  The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins is the perfect book to use while teaching the concept of division.  We don't dive deep into division in 2nd Grade in Texas, but we do expose our students to the idea of separating objects into equal groups.  Pair this great book with Cookie Crisp cereal and you'll be sure to excite your little learners!
As we were reading the book we stopped to model the division problems with our mini-cookies. 
  After showing how we could share the cookies among the friends, we recorded our division problems on our mini-booklets.  You can grab that freebie HERE!
We discussed how to circle our groups and how to write a division sentence that matched our thinking.
Click HERE for the booklet FREEBIE 
Of course we became little cookie munchers and ate up all our manipulatives, so we made these guys...
 On the inside of the mouth students divided their cookies into equal groups and wrote a division sentence to match their picture.  We also used #alltheglue if you can't tell ;)

 Not every student had the same problem.  This helped me really know who was getting it and who was not!  Super easy way to differentiate!
 You can find this activity and other division goodies in my Dishing Out Division unit.  I've given it a bit of an update and added new activities to it :)

Now it's time to enjoy the weekend!  Did you know that when you go back to work on Monday it will be MAY?!  That can only mean one thing... #theendisnear

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