Fairy Tales: Part 1!

One of my favorite thing to teach is fairy tales.  I think seeing how much Joelle loves fairy tales makes me even more excited about them.  Yesterday she asked me, "Why are fairy tales fiction when princesses like Elsa, Cinderella, and Snow White are real?  I've met them at Disney World!"  I don't have the heart to break it to her just yet.  I want her to believe in the magic for just a while longer!  When Hope and I were creating Write On:  Unit 10-Fairy Tales, we wanted to bring the magic to classrooms.  We want your students to have SO much fun writing that they just don't ever want to stop!  So, let me take you on a little magic carpet ride through Write On:  Unit 10!

We both love charts- anchor charts, digital charts, etc!  We try to include both types so that if you don't have time to create an anchor chart you at least have a digital copy you can display.  Don't have ink?  Just project it onto your screen!  Don't have a screen?  Just print them out and staple onto a bulletin board!  No matter what the case, we tried to keep everyone in mind :)
 Another key component is engaging activities.  We don't want kids just to write.  We want them to have fun throughout the process.  Could they write a story in a day and call it quits?  Absolutely!  But, why not take them on a journey that involves activities that will enhance their final product?!  Writing isn't about just publishing a piece, it's all about the process!
 You just can't teach fairy tales without the crafts.  Ohmiword.  The crafts.  We've got you covered on that front!  AND, if you aren't the crafting type... or if you are out of colored paper... we include versions that can just be printed and colored as well.  

HOOK the Dragon will set your stories on FIRE!
Your students can create a castle to plan out their stories (we also included a graphic organizer just like this that you can easily print out!).  Just think of how much more fun brainstorming will be if your students make their own castle first!
We also include skills that will enhance your students' writing.  In part one we focus on simple and compound sentences.  After all, what's a story with all simple sentences?! 
 When your students get to the end of Part 1, they will have created a story with fairy tale elements, compound sentences, a beginning/middle/end, and a fascinating hook to start it off!  Of course they will want to display that story with a cute magical frog!
Did I mention that is just Part ONE of Unit 10?!  I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2!  OH, and you can grab the unit on sale until March 30th at midnight!


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I logged on at 9:01 pacific time and the sale was done. Is it in eastern time? I always grab your units on sale (I have all the rooted ones so far and love them!) as I am paying in Canadian which right now adds about 30% more. Will this be on sale again?

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