Fairy Tale Writing: Part 2

Yesterday I stopped by to show you Part 1 of Write On:  Unit 10 that is all about writing Fairy Tales!  Well, today I am here to show you Part 2!  (These parts are sold together HERE in Write On!  Unit 10- This covers four weeks of writing instruction)

But, first, let's do a little throw back to this little cutie at Disney a couple of years ago.  Those shirts could not have been any more perfect!  When I told you she believes in magic, I'm telling the truth!  Sweet girl just knows they are the real deal!
  Okay, back on track here before I start crying about my baby not being a baby anymore.  Weeks 3 and 4 are all about the villains!  We are looking to the Evil Queen and the Big Bad Wolf for inspiration!  Just like before, we have several charts that will enhance and guide your classroom discussions and lessons.
 The activities involve enhancing our writing with transitional words, compound or complex sentences (depending on the grade level), and using commas in a series!  Your students will sequence a story that the evil queen mixed up and replace commas that the wolf blew away!
We couldn't leave out the fun stuff!  Your students can make the evil queen...
 And a poisonous apple to display with their stories!  Of course, blackline versions are included if your time/paper is limited!  AND, this is just a snapshot of what is included :)
Don't forget, this unit is on sale until tonight (Wed, Mar 30th) at midnight!

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