Bunnies, Bunnies, and more Bunnies!

It's Easter weekend, y'all!  This is one of my favorite weekends of the year... celebrating my Savior, taking family pictures, eating lots of food, stuffing eggs, eating lots of food {oh the food!}!!  This morning I just had to incorporate rabbits into our morning.  After all, it is Easter Week!  I used Michelle's Hop To It for a quick activity.  Here's how it went...

First, we gathered together and discussed what all we know about rabbits.  We talked about our schema and things that we have observed, read about, or seen on TV.  We have A LOT of rabbits around us...hints our mascot the Jackrabbit!!!  We realized that we had a lot of schema, but knew that there was probably still lots to learn!
I displayed Michelle's nonfiction reader on the board, but I also gave each pair of students a copy because they were going to need to use that for our activity.
After lots of reading and discussing, it was time to become Bunny Fact Finders with our booklets and these little bunny gummies.
I told the students that they were going to use their bunny gummies to locate the MOST interesting facts they could find.  They used the gummies to show the beginning and end of their fact...
 Once locating their fact, students wrote sentences on their bunny ears.
We did already have our bunnies made.  I had them do that as morning work so that our rabbits would be all ready to go after reading our nonfiction text.
This enabled us to focus on fact finding and recording rather than cutting paper and trash everywhere, ha!
 The gummies helped turn something like reading and writing facts into something more fun for them.  It was silly and cheesy, but they loved it!  Their little rabbits from Michelle's unit turned out precious!
And, of course, once students were finished it was time to devour those gummies!  I'd say this lesson took all of 45 minutes, but it was a lot of fun :)
Speaking of bunnies, sometimes Joelle requests to do drawing or art when she gets home from school.  She loves mailing cards, letters, and pictures to our relatives.  Recently she asked to draw a bunny, so I pulled up this directed drawing from First Grade Blue Skies.  She ended up making two, adding tons of glitter, and making a huge mess... but good golly they sure are cute!
Now it's time to get out my Easter decor that I bought forever ago for my house.  Seems like I'm always super late to getting things like that together!!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Sunday is a comin' and I can't wait to rejoice in all that my Savior has done for me!


Lovely Nina said...

Looks like a great lesson and all of the bunnies came out so cute!
Have a happy Easter!

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Christine Clothier said...

I love the bunny lesson! Great way to motivate students to read and write! I can't wait to try it!