Valentine's Day ideas and freebies!

Are you getting geared up for Valentine's Day yet?  I love me a little Heart Day, but sometimes it can be really hard to navigate during the school day.  It's a holiday, but not a holiday where you get time off from school... so, that can make it a little tough!  Thankfully our party is on that Friday afternoon, so we do get to load them up with sugar and then send them on their merry way!

As soon as Target put up their Valentine's Day stuff, I grabbed a couple of goodies for my classroom and Joelle's classroom.  Instead of making the cards specific to the gift, I decided to just go with a generic card that would work with anything!  You can grab the card HERE for free!
I just quickly signed my name at the bottom and taped the glasses on top... easy peasy!  I've got to keep it simple since I have two classes of cards to assemble!
For Joelle's class, we used the heart ring erasers from Target.  I slid a piece of tape through the ring and voila!  done and done!
Now I have exactly 64 valentines assembled and ready to go for next week!  As for the party goes, my team is using Sign Up Genius for parents to sign up to bring the party goods, but they needed a quick reminder note, so I made them this one.  You can also use Volunteer Spot or Bloomz.
If you need a quick note, I'm sharing this one with you!  Simply add a text box and type your info inside of the blank space!  You can grab this freebie HERE
And, if you are wanting to incorporate a little bit of Vday into your lessons, but still keep the content rich and meaningful, make sure to read Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch!  You can watch it read online HERE.  I loved seeing how Michelle's class incorporated our Mr. Hatch reading activity into her day last week!  This is just one of the many activities in Rooted in Reading February!  It's the perfect book to really dig into and have deep conversations with!  Thanks to Michelle for sharing!
This isn't Valentines related, but our sweet girl will be celebrating her 3rd Gotcha Day this weekend so I've been prepping away for that special day!  Sometimes I can't believe it's only been three years and sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday!  She's just growing up way too fast for my liking!


susan said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!!

Lovely Nina said...

I'm giving these Target sunglasses to my students as Vday gifts, as well!! Great minds think alike!

Love the pictures of Joelle on the gift bags--so precious!!

Laurie Burghardt said...

THANK YOU & happy "GOTCHA"day to your dear little one. What a cute idea!

Tolli24 said...

What a lucky little girl to have such a caring and loving mom and family! You are amazing and continue to wow me with all of your wonderful ideas! I love Mr. Hatch. Our reading specialist introduced me to that book years ago. A wonderful addition to any classroom. Enjoy your weekend with your beautiful little girl! Enjoy her - they grow up waaaayyy to fast!

Michelle Hudgeons said...

Love those tags!!!! Thanks for the love sweet friend! Love you BIG!

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