Let's Graph with Bar Graphs and Pictographs!

Have you ever had something on your to-do list for years... or is that just me?!  I've literally been meaning to create a graphing unit for a couple of years now, but I just never had the time.  I had other projects that seemed a little more important, but then it would come time to teach graphing and I didn't have anything to pull from!  So, I decided to buckle down, stop making excuses, and finally crank it out.  We don't tackle graphing for a few more weeks, but this will be all ready for when we do!

I wanted to share a detailed look at what is included so you know exactly what to expect!  There are 10 surveys that have two categories for students to choose from.  Each of the surveys has a matching bar graph printable with questions to answer about the data gathered.
 There are also 10 class graphs that range from 4-6 categories depending on the question being asked.  Each of these class graphs has a title, category cards, student response cards to use like a pictograph, and printables that students can use to make a bar graph or pictograph that matches the data collected.
 I also included a few different types of printables.  These printables include opportunities for students to collect their data by either spinning/flipping/rolling.  There are also printables where students will read or make a new graph based on the data shown.
 I wanted to include projectable graphs that you could discuss with your students.  These graphs are a little more rigorous, but they are great exposure to different types of scales and graphs.
 Well, I couldn't leave out the fun stuff!  There is also a cooperative learning project that involves completing a survey, collecting data, and using that data to create a graph.  Students are able to work with their classmates to come up with a unique way to display their data.  There is also a little craft that can be used to display with any of the graphs completed!
Oh, and here's a little freebie for you to give you an example of the survey activities included!  Click HERE or on the picture below to grab that up!
All of the activities shown above can be found by clicking HERE or on the image below!

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Ashley Reed said...

This new unit looks amazing, Amy! Graphing is always a fun concept for me to teach because it can be so hands on and so relevant to our classroom and our lives. Thanks for putting together a fabulous resource!