Dr. Seuss Ideas

One of my favorite times of the year is Read Across America week.  It's a week that looks very different from the others in the classroom because we just celebrate our love of reading!  I'm going to take a walk down memory lane and share some of the activities my students have loved over the years.

These directed drawings from First Grade Blue Skies were a hit.  We read The Cat in the Hat and wrote what we would do if the cat showed up at our house!
 After reading the Lorax we made a simple Lorax from a rectangle and our handprints (SOOOO easy!).  In the speech bubbles we wrote what we would say if we were the Lorax.
 We tied reading into math with One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.  My students wrote a word problem and solved in on their fish bowl.
 One year we made ourselves as the Cat in the Hat and wrote what we would do if we were him!
 Last year we had a Seuss celebration with green eggs and ham snacks, Seuss Juice, and a movie day!
 My grade level likes to do rotation days where our students rotate through all of the 2nd grade classrooms.  For this particular year I had the Lorax as my rotation.  We watched the Lorax on YouTube and made these fun mustaches!
 You can also bring in a little biographical study of Dr. Seuss with THESE readers.  Here my students drew Dr. Seuss and wrote information around their pictures.
 We normally read the Grinch in December, but kids love it all year long!  This is a fun activity to reflect on how the Grinch was at the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
And that about does it!  Have fun reading his silly stories :)


Lovely Nina said...

Looks like a SEUSSTASTIC week!! :)

Love it!

Missy Overhill said...

Where did you get the biography report worksheet?

Stephanie at Fishing for Education Blog said...

I love all the possibilities of activities you can do with Dr. Seuss! This looks absolutely fantastic!

♥ Stephanie

Jacqueline Conley said...

I love the rabbit activities! I have been looking for more non-fictional writing activities and books and this would be perfect! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely be doing this next year with my students!

hoocrew2 said...

Great activities! Can you tell me where you found the biography report page and if the drawing of Dr. Seuss was a directed drawing? I love all your directed drawings and my second class has loved using your Rooted in Reading activities this year.