An Easy V-Day Card and Pictures from YOU!

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I'm here to share a simple and sweet Valentine's Card/Craft idea with you!  Joelle is all about making cards for people.  She especially loves mailing things to her grandparents or anyone who will happily receive mail from her, ha!  More than that, she absolutely loves creating and making things.  Last night we got to crafting so that she could hand out valentines to her loved ones over the weekend.  This took hardly no time at all, so she was able to make several of them!
1.  You'll need white, black, and red paper.
2.  Cut the black paper into strips.  I did 2" inch strips using my paper cutter, but your students could easily measure it out and cut it themselves!
3.  Space the black strips out on the white paper leaving some space in between.
4.  Trace a handprint on red paper and cut it out.
5.  Glue the handprint onto the middle of your paper, folding the two fingers down to make the "I love you" symbol.
6.  Write a short note in the middle of the handprint!
Easy enough, right?!  If you are studying measuring then I would definitely have my students measure the strips to incorporate this with math!  

This is the paper cutter that I got for Christmas this year.  So far, I love it!  I have also heard really great reviews from other teachers :)
Before I go, I wanted to share pictures of what Rooted in Reading looks like in other classrooms!  I so LOVE seeing these pictures on Instagram each week!  I'm hoping to continue sharing more, so make sure to use #rootedinreading or tag me at @stepintosecondgrade!

Here are some great pictures from RIR January.  How great are these MLK directed drawings??
And these snow friends?!  Oh my!  And, I'm loving how bright and colorful her display is!
Looking to organize your RIR materials?  This is a great idea!!
I sure hope you have a great rest of the week!

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Ashley Reed said...

I love those sweet cards. And, what awesome pics from teachers who love your work!