The COMPLETE Book List!

When Katie and I started Rooted in Reading back in October, we really weren't thinking that far ahead.  We knew we would want to do it each month, but we didn't know exactly what that would look like.  Now that we are five months deep into the project, we realize that many teachers would love to know the books WAY in advance... which I love because I, myself, am a planner.  If I could have all of my lesson plans written, copies made, and emails to parents prepped before school started I would totally do so!  So, we finally sat down (thousands of miles apart) and nailed down the remaining Rooted in Reading books.  Y'all, we don't take choosing these books lightly.  If you could see my Amazon purchases you would probably cry over the amount of money spent just on choosing the perfect books.  There are sooooo many really great books out there, but we try to keep a few things in mind:

1.  Are the books meaty enough to study for a week?
2.  Can we make connections to the book with other books we have in our classrooms?
3.  Are these books going to be LOVED by both teachers AND students??!

Now, we realize that some of the books have been difficult to find or purchase at the last minute.  That's why we wanted to give you all TEN months of books in one easy spot.  We also realize that some of you are purchasing these books with your hard-earned money.  So, having this list in advance will give you time to thrift, bargain, and hunt down the best deals.  I would email my librarian, staff, and even parents asking if they had access to any of these books.  Maybe you could even talk your principal into buying the books for your classroom or grade level!  We know several people who have had success with just that!  So, without further adieu, here are the books we have selected...
To make life a little easier we have included all of the titles in one easy-to-print document so that you can keep it in your purse while thrifting, submit it to your librarian/admin, or keep by your desk when you are online shopping!  You can download the list HERE!

I don't think that Amazon always has the best prices, but you just can't beat their one-click shopping and fast shipping.  These books are available on many different websites, but for the sake of saving time, here are the links for purchasing at Amazon:
August Books:
September Books:
October Books:
November Books:
December Books:
January Books (along with any MLK, Jr biography):
February Books:
March Books:
April Books:
May Books:
 Many of these books are also available on Scholastic... use those bonus points you have saved up!  Check out the units that accompany these books by clicking on the picture below:

Before I go, I just have to share our MLK directed drawings my class did last week.  We didn't have quite as much time as normal, but they are still cute nonetheless!
We truly hope that having the list in advance helps you out!  Happy Book Shopping!


Karen F. said...

Thank you so much for this list!! and that it is printable too <3

Amy S said...

Thank you, Amy! We have most of these in our library, but I will order the rest of them so our teachers will have them available for your units.

Megan said...

Thank you for the list. My students are enjoying the texts so much. I am excited that Each Kindness is on sale at the book fair, I will have to check the other titles too.

leslie Crouser said...

Thank you so much! My students LOVE the Rooted in Reading lessons.

Stephanie said...

Do any of the monthly units address poetry in any way? Our team loves these units...I just discovered them over Christmas break so have only used the January unit so far, but we were wondering if poetry was covered at all?

iintegratetechnology said...

Thank you so much! I order the books needed for March, April and May tonight on Amazon! I look forward to purchasing the Rooted in Reading Packs! :)

Allison said...

Thank you for sharing this list! A while back, you did a blog post about "A Bad Case of Stripes." I cannot seem to find the blog post using the search button. Is there another way to find the cause/effect activity you did with your class?

Kirsten said...

I'm so happy that you posted all the books! I wrote a Donors Choose grant and am hoping to get the books funded for my classroom!

GreatestTeacher said...

This comes at such a perfect time for me, I just received a grant award for $1500 to refresh my classroom library and start a "Reading Buddies Across the Grades" program at school. So excited to have such a valuable resource. Thanks!

krish k said...

Thank you......

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Kirsten said...

I wrote a Donors Choose grant to get the 2nd half of the years books. If that gets funded I will be writing a grant to get the first half of the years books! Cross your fingers for me!