Snow, Snow, and More Snow!

Happy Saturday, friends!  I'm just now getting caught up from Christmas break and the first week back to routines!  So, let's recap!

Over Christmas break, my family went to Utah with some sweet friends.  Do you recognize Hope King from Elementary Shenanigans in the pictures below?  Hope and her husband (who also happens to be a teacher) joined our family in Utah for a little ski-cation!  Well, I did no skiing, but the rest of the group did!  Jared listened to lots of teacher talk over meals because 3 out of the 4 of us are educators (I'm sure your spouses know the feeling, ha!) and we had lots of fun in the snow!  It was FREEZING cold, so I'm happy to be back in Texas right about now!
 Utah was gorgeous... the scenery, the snow, the mountains... and the people!  Look who else we got to hang out with while we were there!  We *may* have chosen Utah as our ski-cation destination because these three lovely ladies live there!  We met up with Rachelle and Natalie from What the Teacher Wants and Lindsey from The Teacher Wife for several meals and lots of laughs!  I can officially stop calling these girl my blogging buddies and start calling them my best friends because although our blogs jumpstarted our friendships, the love goes much deeper than that now! 
Well, Hope and her husband, Wade, only had a two day break from the Lemons' family because they flew to Texas to do staff development in the area.  So, we were able to meet up again and enjoy the Gaylord ICE in Texas!  We went from freezing temps in Utah to freezing temps at the Gaylord!  Next time we are going to the beach #justsayin #nomorecoldplease
Speaking of all this cold and snow, let's take a little look at what's going on in the classroom!  My students completed these precious directed drawings from RIR January!  It's not quite cold enough to snow in Texas just yet, but we never know when it may hit!
One of Katie's students wrote what they would do on a snow day.  As for me, I'll just stay inside!
I just loved how unique each of the drawings were.  I love seeing their little personalities shine through!
How cute is this side braid?!
We compared Snow Day! to Brave Irene.  We are all about exposing students to lots of texts throughout the week!
Brave Irene was the perfect choice because it's a bit meatier and you can find it online!  If you are having a hard time finding Snow Day! for purchase, you can find it online HERE!
 Katie sent me this picture of her students learning how to identify the lesson of the story.  I love it!  We love doing the art and fun stuff with each unit, but we also dig deep every single week.  My students have learned to think deeply while reading texts, and that's what really matters!  Plus, they are having a blast while learning #thatsalwaysaplus #learningisfun! 
Before I go, I have got to share this conference with you!  I'm going to Orlando on March 7th for a little education inspiration, and would love to see you there also!  Hope and Deanna are putting on an AMAZING conference that you won't want to miss!  Get Your Teach On is going to be full of life, passion, and inspiring ides!  I can't wait to see what they have in store :)  You can find all of the details HERE!  Hope to see you there :)