New Fraction Ideas, Freebies, and Videos!

Our 2nd graders have been focusing on fractions for the past couple of weeks.  Next week we are finishing up our unit, so I wanted to come up with a few new activities for our kiddos to do.

One of the concepts we are going to work on is understanding that the fewer the parts, the larger the size of the parts/the more the parts, the smaller the size of the parts.  Goodness... there's got to be a better way to say all of that, ha!  I made this poster to display throughout the week.  You can grab that HERE :)

We are also going to work on going beyond the whole.  I didn't have anything for that, so I made some word problems that we will complete in our math spirals.  These have been added to my Fraction Unit, so if you already own it make sure you redownload for the update!
 We are also going to sort fractions based on if they are labeled correctly :)
Anytime I can find songs or videos to accompany my math theme, I make sure to save those links!  My kids love a catchy tune :)

 They will also continue naming fractions and sorting them based on their parts.  For this sort we are also going to order the fractions in each category based on the amount that is shaded :)
 We will finish the week with this simple craftivity (also added to my Fraction Unit) where we will make a snowman that shows fractions shaded beyond the whole.  
Want other fraction ideas, click HERE

And, here are some old fraction freebies that you might enjoy!

Just right click to save these images :)
Click HERE for a couple of fraction printable freebies

Click below for a fraction chant!
And, if you want ever more, check out these freebies from Smitten With First!
Last but not least, here are some of my favorite fraction goodies!

Now it's time for dinner and family night!  Have a wonderful evening!!


Laurie Burghardt said...

THANK YOU for your generosity, you have shared so much with all of us. I truly appreciate all the time and effort and love you put in to all that you do.

JanCT said...

Thank you, Amy! I really appreciate the creative gifts. I can't wait to use these ideas with students, and I'll definitely be checking out your fractions product. Have a wonderful week.
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Lyndsee Brice said...

Your site is amazing! I love the design, and it is so resourceful. I see that this site is technically a blog. How do you have a URL like a normal website but still use blogger? Is there a big difference between having a blog and a website?

Mahila Kayrela said...