Reindeer, Synonyms, Snowmen, Polar Bears, and Trolls... OH MY!!!

Goodness, I have a lot to share with you, so buckle down and hold on tight!  I'm going to use the least amount of words possible so that I can make it in time for my afternoon nap ;)  #yeahright #iwish

Last week we made Christmas cards for our pen pals.  You can find the steps HERE!
We also made reindeer ornaments for our parents.  You can find those HERE!
In Rooted in Reading November we have activities for synonyms and antonyms.  Well, I'm behind, so I just got to those this week!  We added a little Christmas flair to our Cinnamon Synonym rolls!

And, of course, we had to have a cinnamon snack!
In math, we've been working on regrouping for several weeks.  We made these regrouping snowmen for a little fun!  This was just a combination of activities I have laying around, sorry I don't have anything to share!
Our book focus this week was Who's That Knocking on Christmas Eve.  
We started the week with a little nonfiction focus on polar bears.  Our unit includes a nonfiction reader that was just perfect for my kiddos!
 After learning lots of new information and even watching polar bears LIVE {HERE}... ohhhh, and watching this information video:
It was time to draw and write about these cuddly creatures!
Then it was time for a little Jan Brett action with Who's That Knocking On Christmas Eve and Trouble With Trolls (video below)
Of course, we just had to write letters to those pesky trolls!
They thought this was a hoot!
Let's just say...they had lots to share about the trolls in Jan Brett's books!
You can find out more about Rooted in Reading HERE!


iintegratetechnology said...

Can't wait to buy Rooted in January!

Kate T said...

We are doing these books this coming week! Can't wait!

Positively Learning said...

I feel like I always say it, but I LOVE the book choices you selected. They are usually titles I haven't used before and I appreciate expanding my library! Such great pics, too! Thanks, Jen

Susan Airoldi said...

I love your activities. I used to teach like that, but our new principal is so data driven. We have no time to do any art related activities!

Mrs. Stump said...

I am absolutely loving all your new rooted in reading activities!! I am trying to plan for January and February. By any miracle of a chance do you know what will be in the February Rooted in Reading?? A girl can hope for a christmas miracle right?

Amanda Skuza said...

I love the post-its on the troll anchor chart! Where did you find them?

Julie said...

Everything you do is adorable!

faryal naaz said...

Great site! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more.this is work is tremendous. Thank

faryal naaz said...

Sensible zoning for that corner, but oh so close to the holy, untouchable two blocks of Empire!