January Peek and lots of video links!

Hello there, friends... long time no talk!  I pretty much spent the week hibernating and getting caught up on sleep before things got holiday hectic!

I did want to take a little bit of time to highlight Rooted in Reading January because there's so much included in the unit!

For MLK, Jr. we made it to where you can use the unit with lots of different MLK, Jr. biographies and books that you probably already own!  
Comprehension Focus:  Locating Key Events and Nonfiction Text Features
Grammar Focus:  Commas in Dates and Commas in a Series

Here are some books that would be great to use throughout the week!
And, YouTube has tons of great videos to watch!

We thought that Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday would be a great book to use after New Year's.  The lesson of saving/spending money would be a great fit with New Year's Resolutions!
Comprehension Focus:  Identifying the Lesson of a Story
Grammar:  Pronouns

We also found this really great video to incorporate with our identifying the lesson of a story.  You'll use this in one of the lessons!
 Kids love learning about the Iditarod and the traditions of other states in our nation.  We just adore the book Akiak written by Robert Blake.  The perseverance and courage shown in the book is just so inspiring!  You'll definitely want to watch THIS video (click HERE) to learn more about sled dogs!
Comprehension Focus:  Fact vs. Opinion
We also included a nonfiction reader about Alaska so that you can identify key facts in a nonfiction story!
Grammar Focus:  Possessives

Oh my goodness, y'all! Have you read Snow Day by Lester Laminack?!  It reminds me of First Day Jitters... but, that's all I'm going to say because I don't want to give it away!  This is a great video to watch before reading the book with your students.  The author gives some read-aloud tips!  We realize this book has been difficult to find.  You can click HERE to listen to the story.
In this unit we also compare the book to Brave Irene by William Steig.  This book can also be found as a read aloud on Storyline Online.  It's such a cute book so we just HAD to use it somehow!
Comprehension Focus:  Identifying the Lesson, Somebody/Wanted/But/So, Comparing 2 Books
Grammar:  Singular vs Plural Nouns

Here's the Order I think works really well:
Jan 4- Alexander 
Jan 11- Snow Day and Brave Irene 
Jan 18- MLK, Jr 
Jan 25- Akiak

Before I go, I just have to share some Christmas pictures from my cutie!  She just loves everything about the holiday season, and I must say, I sure do love spending it with her!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!!!


Melissa Gutierrez said...

I've purchased since October and LOVE all of your Rooted in Reading activities! You may have mentioned before, but what do you do for Spelling and Phonics instruction? I would really love to give up my basal and use just this, but I'd have to replace the spelling and phonics with something so that my principal knows I'm still instructing. Maybe I could just use the basal phonics and spelling? Trying to incorporate into the the stories of the month? Just curious what you use...
Thanks so much, LOVE it all!!!!

Mrs. Scheafer said...

Great post! Thanks for the video clips! I'm one of your biggest fans-keep teaching and sharing!

Natalie Galloway said...

Thank you for the video clips can't wait to start new week we're starting with Snow Day. Also which Dr. King books are you using and in what order with which activities?

A Houser said...

Do you have the book list for February that you can share so I can be gathering them? If my school library doesn't have them my librarian has been ordering them for me and I like to give her a few weeks notice before I need something to get them in. Thanks so much! I love your units! This is my first year teaching 2nd grade from Kindergarten and I started buying your first unit when it came out in October and my kiddos and I have absolutely LOVED them! The books are amazing and so much better than the series that the grade was previously using. I appreciate all the hard work you have put into these units! I can tell how much more interested and engaged my students are with these books and fun activities!

A Houser said...

Never mind! Sorry found it on your facebook!

Jamie Paino said...

I am obsessed with the new font you are using! What is it!? I have been searching around everywhere for it! It's the font you used for the heading of the "Pronouns" poster.

BTW- My kiddos loved the dictated drawing of Alexander today! They thought their drawings looked like zombies ha!