The Rough Face Girl

Last week we dug deep into The Rough Face Girl by Rafe Martin.  We learned a lot throughout the unit, but our main focus was identifying/using adjectives and comparing different versions of a folktale.  My students really enjoyed this book!
We also enjoyed using this video as our re-read!

To jump start our adjective lessons we described the main character.  I was very impressed at the adjectives they came up with on day one!
 Later in the week we used other grammar activities from Rooted in Reading.  A lot of the activities involved describing characters so it was an easy way to integrate grammar and reading :)
Here are some adjective videos we also used to enhance our learning!

Later in the week we compared The Rough Face Girl to Cinderella.  I loved seeing the connections that my students were making!  After reading a few other versions, my students wrote letters to The Fairy Godmother asking her to grant them some wishes.  Some of these letters were hilarious!
 We revisited our main read aloud later in the week so that we could enjoy a directed drawing!  For the most part my students really surprised me with their details!  
We had a little extra time on Friday, so I displayed this question on the board.
My students answered the question in their spiral.  Then, we watched a short video that I found online (but can't find it any longer!) and read the wigwam passage that is in Rooted in Reading.  After we learned a little more about wigwams I gave my students an opportunity to verbally change their minds.  It was really interesting to see their opinions change as they learned more and more!!!  My boys decided that they would love it because they would never have to bathe, ha!  My girls wanted to build really large wigwams so that their cousins could come for a visit :)
I am just thrilled to pieces with our language arts block each day.  I'm going to be back to answer questions about what a day in language arts looks like for me.  So, if you have any questions please let me know below!


Jessica Hotchkiss said...

First, I love your Rooted in Reading series. We are focusing more on standards and this has really helped me in the classroom. It's helped me move from the "book" and be more creative. I did Stone Soup last week and the kids LOVED the activities. I'm excited to do it this week.
Second, how long is your reading/Language Arts block? Do you do whole group and rotate smaller groups?
Just trying to fit it all in.

jillreep said...

My kids have enjoyed these Rooted in Reading units so much!!! They make teaching and learning fun!!! What does your daily schedule for ELA look like? For example, how much time do you spend on each component? Do you teach spelling, reading, grammar, writing, centers, etc. everyday? Or do you do some each day? Also, what does your weekly schedule look like? Do you do reading groups?

Paige said...

This has got me super interested in your Rooted in Reading products! I love all the different extension activities you did with this one book that hit on a bunch of different standards. I have similar questions to the above commenters and can't wait for a blog post on how you organize your literacy block :)

Paiges of Learning

michele schimke said...

I was just wondering if you have a class set of the books for your Rooted in Reading or if you just have one copy? Thanks!

Cassondra Kelly said...

I wondered the same thing as Michele? How do your students practice reading the book? Or do they? I am doing Stone Soup next week, and I typed it up in word so my students could practice reading it. Also, how did you select the books (I noticed they are not really second or first grade level but a bit higher)?