Spider Week 2015

Happy Friday!!!  This week we learned so many fun facts about spiders!  We started with this chart.. this picture is an "in progress" picture.  We continued adding to it and grouping categories as the week went on.  
After a few days of nonfiction reading, we decided to have a little fun with this quick read, "Aaaarrgghh!  Spider!"  I may or may not read this *very* dramatically and scare the pants off of my kiddos when I scream.  Several of them started to plug their ears, ha!  Afterwards we wrote if we would want a spider as a pet or not.  Their responses were a hoot!

 One of my favorite aspects of Rooted in Reading is our vocabulary responses.  It has helped tremendously with our vocabulary development and our understanding of words!  These little vocabulary prompts don't take a lot of time, but they help us use words in context, which I love!!
 I also enjoy seeing the connections that my students are making throughout the week.  I do a couple of the flip-flap activities each week so that I can see how my students are responding to the text that we are reading.
Today we took some time to talk about the parts of a body and diagrams/labels in nonfiction books.  We labeled the spider's body as a class...
Then it was time for my students to draw and label a spider!  I'm telling you... this continues to be one of my favorite parts of the week because they are pretty much SILENT while working on their pictures.  They get SOOOOO excited every.single.time I pass out blank paper!!!

Don't forget... we are releasing our November unit in just a FEW days!!!  I couldn't be more thrilled to share that with you!  I'm just loving how it's coming along :)))  Next week my class will dig into Crankenstein!  I'm all prepped and ready to go thanks to Rooted in Reading!!!


Courtney B said...

Love this unit, Amy! We are doing your Stellaluna pack next week and then the spider pack for Halloween week. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see the November pack. My books are ready to go.

Stephanie at Fishing for Education Blog said...

Do you tick the post its that are correct? Or as you read the facts? I love how it's interactive!

♥ Stephanie
Fishing for Education Blog

Kelly Koonce said...

This is such a FABULOUS idea!!! I love it! Thanks for creating such a wonderful resource! I teach third grade, but these activities are perfect for my kiddos! THANK YOU!!!!