I Need My Monster

I'm so sad to see October go (other than the fact that tomorrow is Halloween, this week has been crazy, and I'm fairly certain that my kids eat candy for all three meals of the day!!)...we did have such a great time in reading this month!!!

This week we focused on "I Need My Monster" by Amanda Noll.  My kids absolutely LOVED this book!!!  We described both the monsters and Ethan from the story...
We also did lots of reading responses in our spirals!  In the third picture you will see how my students created their own monster for Ethan.  They loved doing that!
In grammar we focused on writing sentences correctly with common and proper nouns.  This was a great week of review for my kiddos!
I get asked a lot "Do you read any other books while doing Rooted in Reading throughout the week?"  And, the answer is YES!  While the book included in the unit is our main resource that we revisit daily, I also like to read books that fit with the theme or comprehension skill.  "Welcome to Monster Town" was a great fit because it is all about monsters and has lots of proper nouns!  Sidenote- I do NOT use a reading curriculum or textbook in my class.  I also get asked that A LOT!!!
We also watched Go Away Big Green Monster just for fun!
At the end of the week we made our very own monsters!  I love how they turned out :)
Doing things like this help to really get my kids motivated and engaged in what we are doing!  I let them make their monsters however they wanted and boy did that just thrill them to pieces!  It was also just what they needed to encourage writing in complete sentences :)


Tiffany said...
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Audra Ciasullo said...

Hi Amy! I was wondering about your anchor charts. Do you prep those ahead of time? Do you make new ones every year?

Whitney Allred said...

I love the character traits activity with the post-it notes! I have my students create a similar activity of themselves when we study character traits.

jennaeweber said...

Hi Amy! I have the same questions as Audra. My students and I LOVE your Rooted in Reading units!! It makes it so easy to plan and the students are engaged. I think it would be great to incorporate some science and social studies into the Rooted in Reading as well!