A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture on Instagram.  I was at CVS doing a little perusing.  I'm sure I needed toilet paper or something...but I always find myself in the candy aisle.  #shoppingprobs #sugaraddict

I wanted something to go with our math focus for the week- Plus/Minus 10 and 100.  We had played a lot of games all week long, but I wanted to end with a little foodie fun!  So, I was on the hunt for candy that would lend itself to the activity- I needed more than 100 pieces, but still an amount that we could count.  When I ran across Nerds, I knew that was just what I needed!  So, I picked up a couple of bags and headed home to create our activity for the next day.  #lastminutelucy
 You can grab this activity HERE
 First, we estimated how many Nerds were in the box.  Estimating isn't a standard in 2nd grade anymore, but it never hurts to discuss it!  Then, we counted our Nerds by putting them into groups of 10.  Some kids just gave up counting and made up a number.  That really wasn't too important to me... plus I just wanted them to get to the skill for the week anyways!  After counting, they recorded their amount (made up or not!!) and started adding/subtracting 1, 10, and 100.  After they finished their math they were able to eat the Nerds!  It was a perfect way for me to check quickly if they understood the concept or not.  This can be hard for some of them... you'll even notice mistakes on the examples below.  This is a skill that we will continue to work on all year long during math stations!

You can find lots of other activities for adding/subtracting 10 and 100 HERE


Positively Learning said...

Thank you for the freebie & math ideas! This will perfect right after Halloween with ALL that candy! Jen :)

Leigh- The Applicious Teacher said...

Such a great idea! We're still working on just the counting portion over here! plus 10, minus 10 just blew my kiddos away! Maybe some Nerd fun is just what we need?!


Karen Moonan said...

Love it!! Perfect activity to complement all the place value teaching going on at this time of the year!
Thank you