Horrible Harry

  Last week we completed our first chapter book study as a class.  At the beginning of the year (and really all throughout the year) I love introducing my students to new series and authors that I think they will enjoy as 2nd graders... Horrible Harry always becomes a favorite of my little ones!  We read Horrible Harry in Room 2B while focusing on making connections and character analysis.  I'm going to be honest, the first chapter book that we do as a class can be a bit of a challenge because they haven't built their stamina quite enough, BUT after you jump over that first hump it gets much easier!  At the beginning of the year when we do chapter book studies like this my students are following along either with their own book or one they share with their partner.  Until I am confident that they can read and comprehend, we do a lot of the reading together.  Plus, I am modeling how to read with expression, to stop for comprehension, and how to make connections throughout the book.  If I want them to be successful reading independently or with a partner then I have to model, model, model!!  We will soon get into book studies in smaller group settings, but it takes time to get there!

I decided that a directed drawing was in order after we finished the book.  I'll just say it... one of the only times my students are completely SILENT and FOCUSED is during directed drawings right now.  I have a group of talkers, and I'm okay with that most of the time.  We talk a lot while we are learning and interacting, but sometimes this teacher needs a moment of peace.  These activities do just that!
 We answered the question, "Would you want Harry as a friend?"

"I would want Harry as a friend to teach him pees and hrmune" Love it!  We all need a little peace and harmony in our lives, right??!!

Each one is still very unique!
 Here's a little step by step of how we drew Horrible Harry.  We always start with pencil.  Once we get our drawing the way we want it then we trace with black marker.  Then it's time to color!
And, that's that!  Great fun all around!


Storie said...

My students LOVE Harry and I'm always looking for new things to add or try with the books. I love how each student captured something special about Harry.
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Janae said...

I have been intrigued with this Directed Drawing thing you do, so I decided to try it today. Thanks for your great ideas as a teacher!! I wrote about it in my blog post today.