Homophone Fun and a FREEBIE!

Last week my class learned about homophones during Language Arts.  These word pairs are very difficult for my English Language Learners, but we made it through without growing too many gray hairs ;)

I used Katie's Homophone Unit and Amanda Madden's Multiple Meaning Words for my two main resources.  They have a lot of great visuals and activities in their units!
We read lots of books to see all kinds of homophone and homonym examples!

This flapbook from Katie was a great reinforcement for where we put to/too/two in sentences.  It really helped my kiddos see the homophones in action!
 I really enjoyed seeing my kiddos use their homophones in sentences with these flapbooks from Amanda!
I sure do love kid art!  Plus the pictures helped my students really see what was happening in the sentences. 

 To end our unit we made these little Ones That Won!  My kiddos loved this little guy!  I asked them to make up a short story about how the one won... and include three homophone pairs!  You can grab this freebie HERE!

 We definitely aren't finished talking about homophones because it's something that we will need to practice all year long!


Jennifer Amador said...

Hello Amy! I am a big fan of your blog. I have been following it for the past 2 or 3 years. Thank you for all of the great ideas that you share. I am in California and I have an interview on Wednesday for a dual language elementary position. I have never worked in a dual language setting before. How does it work at your school? Do you have any tips that can help me on my interview? I would super duper appreciate your help.

Amanda said...

I love the homophone activities - and the One that Won stories are adorable! I'm definitely bookmarking those for later in the year!

:) Amanda