Personal Financial Literacy

The very last math unit that I taught this past year was Personal Financial Literacy (if you don't teach in Texas then you would refer to this as Economics!).  I had ZERO resources to pull from.  I had ZERO energy to make anything new.  So, I taught using our math book (insert HUGE gasp here).  It wasn't horrible, but it was soooo short of awesome-sauce.  So, I knew what my first summer project would be!

I set out to make some fun activities for my future kiddos, and Joelle helped me a lot!  She loves to cut and color, so she is the perfect little helper!
I also know that whether you are teaching this as an Economics or Math unit that vocabulary is KEY!  So, I included a lot of financial vocabulary in the unit!  There are also several vocabulary activities to help your students really learn those terms!
Here's a fun freebie I posted in the fall!  It goes great with teaching money and financial literacy!


Jenny said...

I think I will have to use this for the upcoming school year!! I think my 2nd graders would have a blast and learn so much! Thank you for all your time and energy in creating these units, you are amazing.

Jamie Knefely said...

This would be awesome to use when teaching money and combine it with social living. Awesome resource!!!