Regrouping Bookmarks

I made these Regrouping Bookmarks for you!  You can grab these in my shop for free!


Easy as pie!  See y'all tomorrow!


Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing!

Kacy Taylor said...

Thanks for sharing your work! My kids struggle with regrouping each year. I know your bookmarks will help them so much. Thanks again!


Debbie K said...

Thanks for the bookmark. Regrouping is SUCH a difficult concept. Every little trick helps. I am hopping back to your store to pick up your addition and subtraction with regrouping packages while they're on sale today. Did you know that when you click on the "I'm having a Sale" banner in your store the regrouping packs don't come up?
Also Thanks! For the addition game freebie yesterday.
Always Primary

saintlysecondgraders said...

Thanks for taking the time to make the bookmark! I use this saying all the time and made a huge poster with it!

lvaron said...

Hey there! I'm just wondering how long everyone teaches regrouping conceptually before introducing the algorithm and "tricks?" I find that if I introduce the algorithm for regrouping too early students use it without actually understanding what they are doing. Here's an article that got me thinking.