B2S Prep: Positive Praise

Let's talk about rewarding positive behavior in class.  My students sit in table groups all throughout the year.  Never do they sit it rows, in a U-Shape, or in any other configuration, because they are always working in 4 teams.  Now, their table teams change often... about every 3 weeks.  I assign my students a new partner at the same time that I change up their tablemates.  In tables, my students work towards earning table points.  I keep these table points on the white board... nothing fancy.  When a table gets to FIVE points they are able to take off their shoes for the day.  They earn table points by working together, staying on task, keeping their area clean, going above and beyond, etc.

When a table gets to TEN points they are able to take off their shoes again AND choose a pass.  Now, it wasn't always this way.  I used to just go to five and only have my kiddos take their shoes off.  About halfway through the year I noticed my students needed a little extra motivation.  That's when they started working towards TEN points and a pass!  I don't always give my students something for good behavior.  I expect them to act appropriately and get their work done.  But, when you reward students as a team or table, it really helps everyone get involved in the working and cleaning.  Students don't want to be the one that causes their table to not get a point!  As soon as a table gets to ten points I erase and they get to start over immediately.  Each table works at their own pace (they can also lose points if needed).  Everyone starts over when I change seats/tables/partners.  

I wanted to get my passes all ready to go for next year.  So, before I left for the summer, I stapled THESE storage pockets to the wall, used THESE letters to label my rewards, and copied my rewards onto colored paper.
The 2nd pocket has our school-wide tickets that we can also give for good behavior.  Our principals collect all tickets at the end of the grading period and draw students for free ice cream passes :).  The third pocket is empty, but I plan to put stickers in there for easy access when I want to grab a sheet to pass out throughout the day! 

I keep my reward passes very simple.  I have tried several different ones throughout the years, but these are the most popular and least time consuming for the teacher.  You can grab the passes that I use HERE!

Okay, now let's move on to my favorite whole-class reward of ALL TIME...
My students absolutely LOVE to GoNoodle.  The brain breaks are just what we need when we are transitioning, just need a break, or have a few minutes to spare.  Often times I use GoNoodle as a reward.  If my students are on task, working, and have tidied up, then I will choose a GoNoodle Brain Break for them to do.  If I notice that my students are being lazy or aren't participating then I will choose a GoNoodle Champion!  The GoNoodle Champion gets to pick our next brain break!  Talk about involvement... once they know I'm looking for a GoNoodle Champion, they are all up and moving!  {For the most part everyone really loves to get up and dance, but you do have those few who just become WAY TOO COOL for everything in 2nd grade ;)}

And just for giggles, here is a little video of Joelle enjoying a GoNoodle before school started one day!  
I'm all about keeping things simple and cheap... I try to do things that I know I will be able to keep up with because if it's too complicated then I will give up!  Those are my favorite ways to reward students for positive behavior, but I always have to keep more tricks up my sleeve!  I'm constantly looking for new, fun ways to promote good behavior, and I'd love to hear your ideas below!


Gwinnett County Teacher said...

Love this - thank you! How often do you clear/restart the table points? Weekly?

Gwinnett County Teacher said...
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Janel said...

Wow, these rewards are so simple (free!), and I have never heard of GoNoodle before! Quick question: have you ever had a student with extremely stinky feet? This is a problem for me every year it seems, so I'm a little hesitant for that particular reward. Just wanted to know if you ever had that problem.

I teach 2nd grade too, I love your blog, and I love your sweet family!

Karri Meyer said...

Love the table points, I use them too. Each week we choose a new captain. I also use "Meyer Money" as a reward. It makes such an easy way to practice counting money all year.

TM said...

How do your students earn points?

Jen R said...

I use passes too! (from Christie's set) but these have some new ones in it that I really like! :) Thanks!

Dawn said...

Great ideas! Thank you!

Tanya said...

Hey Amy,
Just saw on a old blog post the most adorable awning that I'm going to HAVE to order! Was wondering where you got the letters MRS. LEMONS....those are darling?
Love you ideas!

1st grade teacher!


Dianna Polnac said...

A fun way to do passes and tie in technology--- create a QR code for the passes. Then the students have to scan the QR code to see what their pass is. I use tickets in my classroom, and I have bags of QR code passes for 10, 20, and 30 tickets. So on days we spend our tickets they get to spend their tickets and grab a QR code. They get so excited to scan and see their reward!

Courtney Yo said...

Love the rewards cards! I was also curious as to where you got the pockets for the reward cards. Thanks!

Kinderland Adventures said...

Hey Amy this is a great idea! Our school has a system of tickets as well but they are collected weekly. Do you have the students choose those tickets from the school or do you pass them out? I'm trying out warm fuzzies this year as a motivator and was wondering your thoughts?
My last question (sorry I have so many), I was wondering if you have used any other passes in the past or heard the students liking more? I would just like to add a few more.