B2S Prep: Bulletin Boards

 Today I am over at Blog Hoppin' to share some of the bulletin boards that I redid before leaving for the summer!  You can check out all of those details HERE!
 While you are there, you might be interested in hoppin' around to some other blog posts that have recently been posted.  I found some really great ideas while I was browsing!!

Kristen always has the best techy tips!

 How cute are these classroom quotes from Mel?!
Another great idea from Kristen... organizing for a new year!

And I need to save this EOY slideshow idea from Katie for next year because I'm always making things too difficult!

Enjoy hoppin' around!


Jaymee Laymance said...

Are your A.R. point posters in your store? I saw your super hero ones from a previous year under FREEBIES, but didn't see these! Thanks!! Love your blog!!!

lowens said...

Hey Amy, again I have to say THANK YOU. Love what you share of your own and other's as well. I am working on the math tubs from your recent post and now getting bulletin board ideas. I do like the poster of the quotes that you shared of Mel's. I am having a difficult time finding a link online to take me to her work. Any tips would be appreciated.
Give your sweet girl a hug from League City, Texas!

Vanessa Mejia said...

awesome! I love how you are ready to go back well at least your class. My class is raw, we have to take down everything!

The Mountain Teacher said...

Looks so great! We also have to take everything down. I am switching to second this year and you are a quite an inspiration!

Follow my blog here: http://themountainteacher.blogspot.com/

Have a good restful summer!