Addition and Subtraction Strategies!

Do you start the year off with Addition and Subtraction Strategies?  I've tried to organize all of my units and blog posts into easy-to-find categories below!
Addition Blog Posts HERE  Subtraction Blog Posts HERE
Strategy Units HERE

Also, I've made a new game to use this year during to practice our addition facts!  It's a lot like Black Jack, but a little more kid-friendly :)  Students try to get a sum as close to 20 as possible without going over!  You can grab that for FREE----> HERE!  It's formatted just like the games in my Add/Sub Math Station unit, so it's just one more you can add to your set!


Courtney B said...

Thanks for the freebies, Amy! Love all your math units.

Kim said...

Not to sound stalkery, but you stopped by my dream last night. I was saying goodbye to you. =) I'm moving from 2nd to Kindergarten this year. LOL!
I didn't know what TPT was-- or read a teacher blog-- 2 years ago. A friend kept telling me to check out "Lemons," so I did. Thanks for all the help these past couple of years!! =)

Lory's Page said...

It was great to see you again in Vegas Amy.
Best wishes to your little family ;)
xo Lory