A Quick Rewind: EOY gifts

Let's do a quick rewind to the last week of school.  It seems like so long ago when I was in the classroom stressing over every little detail.  I had awards to make, a 2nd grade video to put together, student gifts to purchase, ohhhhh... and 7/8 year olds to entertain for a whole week!  

For end of the year gifts I put together a summer treat for my kiddos. 
I found all of these items at Wal-Mart... large crazy straws, popsicles, and Kool-Aid!  {I did only give out one popsicle per student, not five!!}
These tags are nothing wonderful, but if you can grab those HERE!


It's Kinder Time said...

Your EOY gifts are super cute! I bet your kiddos just LOVED them!
Happy Summer!
It’s Kinder Time

Erin said...

Love it! Happy Summer to you!
Very Perry Classroom

Kristin said...

Super cute! I ran out of time for elaborate EOY gifts this year. There's always next year!
Teaching In A Nutshell