Whales, Whales, and More Whales!

This is my third year to focus on whales during one of our nonfiction units of study.  After reading Abby's posts HERE I knew I had to incorporate whales into our year somehow.  The end of the year lends itself to the perfect time...we are wrapping things up, able to be a little more independent, and focusing on lessons that keep our students engaged and interested.  And, every single year my students absolutely adore learning about whales.  There are so many great videos online, tons of nonfiction books, and oodles of websites that your kids can browse... just google "whales for kids" and you'll be hooked!  I didn't change things up too much from the years past, but I did add a few technology pieces so that we could integrate media literacy into our week.

After we made our 3D whales with speech bubbles we used ChatterKid to communicate nonfiction statements about whales.
 We used EduCreations to make an online book about whales.  We focused on making a front cover, table of contents, and labeling.  This app allows students to record themselves which is great for presentations!
 My students have really grown to love drawing.  At the beginning of the year it was like pulling teeth trying to get them to add details... now they want to spend hours coloring... ummmm #youhave15minuteskid
 I just love everything about kid art and writing!!!  You can grab the Whale Writing Paper HERE
 They were so stoked when I pulled out this orca craft on Friday!  You could have heard a pin drop while they were making these!!!  We used this to integrate math with ocean-themed multiplication problems.
 And they look so cute on my board!!!  You can get the whale craft in THIS unit.  The word problems can be found HERE.
That just about sums it up!  Lots of activities on repeat from years past!  Hey, if they work... why recreate the wheel, right??!!


Positively Learning said...

Your posts are like attending PD! Thanks for the link to Babbling Abby's post & all the inspiring pictures! I also need to check out the app. Thanks again :) Jen

Stacey Rapp said...

Did you have the students create the book under one account in EduCreations or did they each do a page in an assignment you created for them on the program?


Theado Class said...

I can't wait to try the ChatterKid app and the EduCreations program with my second grade students! I love how you used them both during your nonfiction unit. I created an account with EduCreations and started playing around with it. Any tips or advice you can give me?

crose said...

Thank you for sharing! You have inspired me! This has been a tough year but your blog has encouraged me! I am a second grade teacher and my husband and I also adopted! We adopted two children 2 1/2 years ago! God bless you and your growing family!

asne su said...

Thank you for sharing! You have inspired me! And I Like This

Danielle Sanford said...

I love Educreations! Thanks for sharing your ideas.