Teacher Appreciation Week

Did you know??  Have you heard??  This week is Teacher Appreciation Week!  I don't know if you teach in a school where they lavish the gifts upon you or if your efforts are totally ignored, but I want you to know that YOU ARE APPRECIATED!  

If I'm going to be honest I wouldn't even know it was Teacher Appreciation Week if I wasn't a teacher or didn't follow teaching blogs/websites.  And, I feel like many parents are probably in the same boat.  It's not that they don't appreciate you, it's more than likely because nobody communicated it with them!  So, add it to your newsletter and staple it to your kids' foreheads because 

YOU DESERVE A TREAT!!!  Whether it be a gift, meal, or note... I hope that someone takes the time to tell you how much you mean to them!!!

Here's what I put together for Joelle's teacher this week.  I decided to do three pretty good-sized gifts rather than a small gift each day.  Having only one child at home and in school definitely helps the gifting budget!  I found all of the tags in one easy download HERE!
Wednesday:  Cup full of highlighters, sharpies, and pens
Thursday (her teacher will be out on Friday):  2 Books, Post-it Notes and a Chickfila Gift Card

Here's a better look at the shirt I bought for her teacher.  Of course, I gifted one to myself also ;)  At least I appreciate myself, right??!!  Ha!
 I wanted to show my team a little love so I put these cups with Mr. Sketch markers and Reese's together for them.  I pretty much give cups for every occasion because one cannot have too many insulated cups.  Can I get an Amen??!!

 Cups:  Amazon
Mr. Sketch Markers:  Amazon
Gift Tags:  Skip to My Lou
I'm also treating my team to Jason's Deli for lunch one day because everyone deserves to have a night off from making their lunch!!!


Meredith-Teaching with a Twist said...

You are soooo thoughtful!!! I love all the pics and links, thanks!!
Teaching with a Twist

Anisa said...


Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

Joy Smith said...

I work in a school where teacher appreciation week is ignored... by EVERYONE. I'd never considered it was lack of knowledge, just general disinterest. I'll have to try including it in my newsletter next year and see what happens.