Area Activities

This week has been 100 kinds of exhausting.  The fact that I am blogging right now is practically a miracle... it helps that I'm relaxing on the couch, feet propped up, wrapped in a comfy blanket, and in my jammies at the moment!  This time of year brings so much "busy-ness"... end of the year testing, student placement meetings, making to-dos for next year... all while wrangling a classroom full of wild cats, ha!

This year in math I decided to continue introducing new concepts until the bitter end.  For some reason my scope and sequence got all wonky and I have no time for a review week.  Maybe it was all those snow days... or my trip to the Congo... either way we are still trudging along!  We've been having lots of fun learning about area!

My kids LOVED making their area robots!  These kinds of things are PERFECT because they take up quite a bit of time and you can always go back and add more details if you finish too early ;)

Now this activity didn't take as long as I'd hoped, but it was still a lot of fun.  Plus going out to the hallway to work was definitely a nice change of pace :)
My students recorded the area of each shape in their math spirals.
Then I had a student come up and teach the class how they found the area of each shape.  Built in bonus... only students who are SUPER quiet and still get to be the teachers ;)
This activity was definitely a score because it took up a large chunk of time!!  I've been cleaning out my classroom, reorganizing cabinets, and changing out bulletin boards so keeping them occupied helps me out a ton!!!  And, as one kid put it "This is awesome because we don't even have to write our names on our paper!"  #bless #whatevermakesyouhappy
 Each name was so unique!  I just loved looking at  what they came up with :)
And that's that!  We have 8 full days and 2 half days left... Will it ever end??!!!


Stephanie Bradshaw said...

Cute activities! I always think it's a great idea to introduce new concepts at the end of the year to keep everyone interested and engaged. And of course--the more time consuming and cute the activity, the better. I love how bright and sweet the robots and names are. Have a great end of the year! -Stephanie Applelight Moments By Stephanie

Princess Netherly said...

I'm LOVING the area robots! I'll be using this idea with my class tomorrow!
Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

teach125 said...

The robots are great. I have taken a maternity leave for these last 3 weeks and need all the great ideas I can get!!

Tanya said...

How do your placement mtgs go? Do you help place or principal? I think teacher input is great! !

jasonwhitaker said...

As always, some very creative ideas. I like the robots. The names are super cute.