Surviving Until Summer!

Hey y'all!  I was computer-less for a few days which left my hands feeling rather lonely, ha!  Thankfully I got a replacement charger today and am not back to business :)

I'm linking up with Katie and Michelle to let you know what I'm doing to survive until summer in my classroom and at home!

First, I'll start in the classroom!  As much as I'd love to save some time and just use no-prep lessons this time of year, I just can't do that to my kiddos.  Their active bodies and short attention spans need so much more than a worksheet this time of year.  I'm actually spending more time trying to put together meaningful lessons than normal because I've got to keep them engaged and focused!  For the past two weeks my students spent lots of time writing different types of poetry... they loved getting to be little poets every single day, and I loved reading their individual poetry!

These Bio Poems were just what we needed to get to know each other a little better!

 Using ice cream for our simile poems was perfect because what kid doesn't love a little sugar?  We were able to review similes and brainstorm lots of new ideas!  Need to survive without pulling your hair out??  Use high-interest topics!

 Anytime I can bring food or drinks into the classroom it definitely helps provide motivation!  OH, and it serves as a behavior incentive!  If I have to feed my students daily to survive until summer, I'll do it!
 I can't even begin to tell you how much easier it was to write our 5 Senses Poem because we actually tasted the lemonade while writing!

 Another thing we do a lot, but especially this time of year is work in partners while writing.  Working together, having conversations, and getting ideas from one another helps to spur my students on :)  And, sometimes, you just need a little help when writing a limerick!  These were challenging to write, but the partners were able to help each other out!

I will have a sub for probably the worst week of school... state testing week.  My sub will have to be with my class during lunch, specials, and all throughout the day because the upper grades will be testing all day.  Well, in order to keep my sanity and hers, I spent a lot of time prepping every little thing she will need.  I know that my students will be wound up and quick to misbehave, so I jam-packed their week with lots of learning and activities.  Any downtime at this point in the year could be a overplanning is key!
 My last little almost-summer suggestion is to keep pencils to yourself, ha!  I am the only one who has the power to sharpen and pass out pencils... this saves us tons of pencils and I have plenty to last for the rest of the year.  Glue, expo markers, and highlighters on the other hand... apparently we eat those instead of work ;)
In my personal life I spend lots of time cheering this little Hot Shot on during soccer games!  She's quite the soccer star and I love watching her dominate!  This time of year also brings lots of family dates, birthday parties, evening walks, and outdoor activities!
To keep myself busy... because I just don't have enough to do ;)... I have been shopping for the bedroom of my littlest boy.  I spent this weekend putting it together, and am so happy with how it turned out!  You can see more of it HERE plus get a little adoption update from my husband!
 Make sure you link up and share what you do to make it through :)


Katie King said...

You are PRECIOUS! Thank you SO much for linking up with us. I cannot wait to see pictures of your sweet boys soon :)

Courtney B said...

Love your poetry ideas!

Michelle said...

Love that room and of course those pictures of sweet Miss J. Thanks for linking up!

Emily said...

Love those lemonade poems!! Feeding the beasts does seem to help us survive til summer! :o) Your boys room is adorable! Prayers that he gets to come home to his wonderful forever family soon!!
Munchkins Inc

Gita Prastiwi said...

Wow .. Great Post
Thank's For Shared I Like This !


Bex Mawn said...

These are some fun ideas! I love teaching poetry to my students and you're right - limericks are tough- but we did them together and they did well! Best wishes to you on your adoption journey!
Reading and Writing Redhead

Eliza Gordon said...
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