There are so many things that I love about April...it's my birthday month, it's *THIS* close to summer break, the beautiful weather, sunny weekends, soccer games... AND It's National Poetry Month!  I love reading poetry with my class and teaching my kiddos how to write several different types of poems.  We've been hard at work for over a week now, so I wanted to show you what we have been up to!

We started with some of the easiest poetry... Acrostic Poems and a Rebus Poem as a class :).  OH, and I just smile when I look at kidart!
 We spent a day focusing on SNAKES!  We read a nonfiction book and watched a few of THESE videos.  We were so grossed out!!!  One of my classes focused on Cinquain Poems...
While the other did Haiku poems!
 The next day we talked all about cats!  We read fiction and nonfiction books, watched some YouTube videos, and wrote some more poetry!  The books and videos help get my students thinking and brainstorming :)

 All of the poems above can be found in my We're All Poets pack!  We are doing a lot more this week, so I'll be back to show you our finished products!

I just adore these round poems my students wrote today.  It's eye-opening to see which students can visualize themselves as another object and "think" like that object would.  You can get that writing freebie HERE!
 This little girl pretended she was Mrs. Lemons' Head.  She would shake uncontrollably, stare at the ceiling, and tell my brain to throw a pizza party for my class!  So funny!  She just cracked herself up with this one, ha!
 You'll find poetry all over my classroom this time of year.  The students always rush over to read each other's poems when given a free moment or two.
From my class to yours, we wish you a very happy National Poetry Month!!!


The Disneyfied Teacher said...

I used to do a poetry unit when I was in the classroom...I loved it!

I'm loving the round poems, and the way your students think as other things.

Hope you have a great rest of the month!
The Disneyfied Teacher

Alessandra Garza said...

Wow Mrs. Lemons, how I wish I was still in second grade...I'm in third grade this year and in a full blown spanish group with that in mind I have to think STAAR, STAAR at all times. I wish I could do all those fun activities too.. nevertheless I have created some spanish fun poetry stuff too. Go ahead and check it out at my tpt. Https:// www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Bilingual-biliterate-Learning. To check out the STAAR geared Spanish poems and some in English I have posted. Thanks and u are such an amazing inspirational teacher. Keep up the excellent work you do and thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

I love the poems your students have made! I always find a way to incorporate poetry into my lessons, from the obvious language, to social studies or science with acrostic and bio poems, to math with shape poems! I like to show my students that poems don't have to be stuffy and hard to understand!

Teaching Special Kids

adriana leikind said...

Hi Amy,
I am writing nonfiction animal books with my students right now, but in 2 weeks we begin poetry. I am so glad I came across this post. I can already envision using what we know to inspire out poems. I also like how you displayed your student's writing.