Classroom Happenings

Hey y'all!  We are THREE more school days away from Spring Break... can you believe it??!!  We are going to go from snow/ice to the BEACH, hallelujah!  I will say that it's been hard to gather things together for warm temperatures, but I'll manage to make it happen, ha!  I think I've mentioned that our Open House is the Tuesday after Spring Break.  Well, if I don't get everything up and taken care of now then I won't be able to relax on my break!  So, we've been super busy putting all the final touches on our classroom!

I gave my cabinets a little makeover thanks to Teacher Created Resources!  I changed out the border and added their cute Welcome banner!  I'm going to print out pictures of my students to put underneath the letters.  My kids are going to be so excited when I get those up!  One of my kids said, "Don't you think it's a little late to be welcoming us to class!"  Touche my child, touche, ha!
I also added this sweet little awning to my personal picture board.  I walked around the classroom forever trying to figure out the perfect place... then I finally settled on this board and I love it!  Can you believe you just make a couple of folds and then staple it up??!  And, it's only 8 bucks!
 I also used their Chalkboard Brights punch out letters to put some headings over our Chocolate Fever work...
 And our Dr. Seuss Stuff!
Speaking of Seuss... how cute are these directed drawings from First Grade Blue Skies??!  They look so festive in the halls, and we've received tons of compliments so far!  It only made sense that we incorporated art and writing after my Blog Post this weekend!
Today we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  We did a little math integration and wrote story problems for addition.  They used paint dotters to make the fish... and they are just for fun, not for the actual problem solving because we couldn't make hundreds of fish, ha!
 Oh, and it was Book Fair this week... Joelle may have asked her KK to come have lunch today just so she would take her book fair shopping!  She's the only grandchild on my side right now, so she is just a little spoiled!!!
I can't forget to mention that I'm also over at Blog Hoppin' for a fun math idea!
Over and out!  I hope you have a great week!


Reagan Tunstall said...

Gorgeous and adorable! Terrific stuff! Spring Break next week!??!?! ENJOY!

Jodi said...

I just LOVE that awning! Your classroom is gorgeous!
Fun In First

Amy said...

Your room looks great! I am so jealous of the warm weather you will be going to! I am so over this winter!

Courtney B said...

Your room looks great but that's rough coming back to Open House from Spring Break! Enjoy yourself on your trip!

Stephanie Bradshaw said...

I'm loving your classroom updates-it's always amazing how some cute letters or a new decorative touch can spruce things up! And I love your regrouping band aids. Even though I'm not supposed to technically teach the algorithm, I always do by this time of the year. I have some kiddos that would get a kick out of the band aids!