Valentine's Day Fun!

I'm going to save my words because I have a lot of pictures to share!

In Reading we have been enjoying "Valentine's Day From the Black Lagoon."  Watching Hubie fall in love has just cracked us up!  We wanted to send someone a little sunshine like Hubie did in the book, so we made these suns from The Teacher Wife
 Some kiddos sent their pets a little sunshine... so sweet!
 Of course the ones who chose teachers just melted my heart!  "If I didn't go to 2nd grade my brain would be tiny!" hahaha!
Speaking of The Teacher Wife, we also made her Love Monster Sacks to hold all of our valentines.  Last night I came up with the idea to incorporate the bags with math.  I set up shop at my teacher table.  My kids had to plan what they were going to purchase, add it all up, and then come to me (the cashier) to check their work.  Once they had the correct total they were able to make the bags!
 And, of course, they turned out super cute!
 We stapled our receipts to the back of the sacks.  All of their problem solving is on the back of the receipt :)
By my 2nd class, I got a lot smarter.  I had this image on my projector:
I set up shop at the back of the classroom in a more organized fashion...
 And I managed a much straighter line!  Here they are picking up the pieces and writing down the cost as they moved along :)
 Since my 2nd class isn't my homeroom, I didn't need to make to sacks with them.  They had already made their sacks with their homeroom teacher.  So, we did the same thing, but we didn't glue them to the sacks.  I also modified the receipt a little more for my 2nd group :)  I monitor and adjust all the time!  If you'd like the receipt (recording sheet) for this, click HERE!  Now these little guys are hanging up in my room... making it awfully cute for tomorrow's party!
 AND, we also did the sweetest little writing activity that I got from Anna Brantley.  She posted this on instagram yesterday and I just knew we had to do it.  I absolutely loved reading their responses.  Their little writing pieces were so stinkin' heartfelt!
Now it's time to rest up for party day tomorrow!  I hope you all have a mushy-gushy weekend!!!


Melissa Dailey said...

I love that you celebrated the holiday across different content areas. The heart maps were so cute! I sure it made the students see how much they love all that is in their lives!

Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

Awe! I love this so much!! This post makes me miss teaching a lot!! Also, thanks for the shout out--you're the BEST! :)

E. Beattie said...

These are fantastic ideas, Amy! Love the monsters and the heart maps. I've pinned both for next year! :)

Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

Cupcake said...

Everything is so adorable and colorful!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher