Triple Digit Addition With Regrouping!

Well hello there, friends!  I know several of you didn't have school today either because of the holiday or because of the snow.  We have not had a lick of snow, ice, sleet, or anything here in North Texas this year.  I'm beginning to feel left out, but thankful I don't have to worry about too much cold weather!

We had such a great weekend celebrating Valentine's Day as a family.  Normally Jared and I would go out on our own, but we wanted to take Joelle to her first nice steak restaurant (other than Texas Roadhouse or the such).  It was fun getting dressed up and talking all about acting fancy, ha!  
As I've mentioned before we are all about regrouping right now in the classroom.  This is the first year that we have had to tackle triple digit addition and subtraction, so I've been desperate for ideas and activities to go along with this new unit of study.  I loved using Lucky Little Learners' interactive notebook unit... it's a great resource!

As I was teaching it last week I was jotting down ideas that I can use for review, as stations, and for introduction lessons next year.  I finally set down to put those ideas together into one resource!  Here's a little glimpse as to what is inside:

This unit is very similar to my double digit addition and subtraction units.  I wanted to keep it consistent and fun!  I also made a couple of mini-posters, scoots, and word problems!
 I'm really hoping that I can finish my Triple Digit Subtraction unit by the end of this week... because I'm going to need it next Monday!  But, at least this is done for now!


Lindsay Q said...

Can't wait to buy this one! Where did you get those hundreds, tens, and ones dice? LOVE them! I only have the 0-9 ones...they came with our math series. Thanks!

Angie Olson said...

AWWWW...Amy, you made my day! No, you made my week! To see my interactive notebook being posted to your IG was already more than I could handle but now your blog?! Words don't even describe my excitement for YOU using MY product in YOUR classroom. Seriously girl, thank you for the shout out! It means so much to me!
Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

Stephanie Bradshaw said...

There is so much regrouping going on in 2nd grade classrooms right now! Thanks for your post. I've been reading your blog for a long time but have only now taken the plunge to start a blog myself. I'm a 2nd grade teacher in Georgia! Applelight Moments

(I've spent my "no snow, but plenty of ice and power outages" day off trying to figure out things like how to insert a link into a Blogger comment, so please pardon me if the above link did not work!)


Leslie Moore said...

What kind of dice are you using in the picture? Thanks for the great ideas!