Fable Fun and FREEBIES!

This week in Language Arts we have been ALL about fables.  I love this unit of teaching because we are able to cover so many different skills...identifying morals, summarizing, comparing characters, making connections, fluency, writing, etc.

Last year I found the most amazing fable resources from Jane Loretz.  I just love the reader's theater plays that she wrote.  They are short and sweet, and my students just love practicing to perform!
Since the chants were such a hit last week, we continued to incorporate them this week.  Here's the one we used for fables... nothing fancy!
Along with reading fables and covering so many comprehension skills, my students also thoroughly enjoy writing fables.  I'm not a fan of coloring over writing, but it is a little easier to read in person.  This one is about a skunk and a hedgehog, and it's really cute!
I have my students collaborate to write these fables.  It always helps to have a little inspiration from a friend!
Today we focused on The Ant and The Grasshopper.  This little video was absolutely perfect for telling this fable!  That's another good thing about fables... you can find so many short videos AND resources online!  Google can be a HUGE help! 
Then, my students worked with their partner to identify the setting and moral.  After summarizing, they made this super simple ant craft.  You can grab this as a freebie HERE!
Another thing I like about fables is they are really good to reflect upon...whether you are doing a short recap, applying it to your life, or just identifying the moral... kids tend to do well completing reflections because the stories are short and meaningful.  Oh, and the fact that most characters are animals really helps with student interest!
I also made a quick and pretty stinkin' easy quiz to go with our fable unit... because, sometimes I just need a grade, ha!  You can grab that HERE!  We will finish our fable unit tomorrow so that we can gear up for Valentine's week!


Andrea Serena said...

This was exactly what I needed tonight. Working on plans for fables and wanted to do something new and exciting, the ant craft is cute, my kiddos will love it!

Cheri Gray said...

You have such wonderful ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jodi said...

I always loved fables when I was in school. I love your ant!
Fun In First

Emily said...

I was just looking at a way to extend what we learned about fables!! This is exactly what I needed :o) Thanks!!
Munchkins Inc.

See Jane Teach said...

Thanks so much for highlighting my Fables unit. My students have so much fun with the reader's theater and I am so glad yours did too. So yesterday I was wondering why I had such a good Friday on tpt. THANK YOU!

SAllison said...

Thank you so much for this freebie! I was looking for an activity for my kiddos to do and this is perfect!

Tracy A. said...

Hi! Do you have that writing paper posted anywhere? Couldn't see any links. Thanks!