It's Thursday, y'all!  Which means one very important thing... tomorrow is FRIDAY!  I've had such a great week at school, but I am so ready to spend some QT with my sweet family.  They've seen me sleep more this week than probably ever before #mamaistiredyall #recoveringfromatlanta 

This week in grammar we have been focusing on verbs.  Our main focus has been spicing up our verb usage... not only am I sleepy, but I'm tired of BORING, WEAK verbs in our writing and sentences!

We made a quick chart to reference throughout the week...
We've also been doing several verb hunts from my "All About Those Verbs" unit.  This particular was focusing on strong vs. weak verbs.
We also wrote stories about where our feet take us.  These were really fun to read!

Each day we have started our little mini-lessons with this verb chant.  It's very simple, but it gets my kids up and moving.  Plus, I challenge my students to think of the verbs as we are chanting so they can be the leader for a verse!
I'm not really into videoing myself as I teach, but I wanted you to be able to hear the chant.  You can hardly see me, but that doesn't matter because the sound is most important!  You can click the image above to save it to your computer so that you can chant out verbs with your students!  (please ignore my annoying voice!!)
My teammate shared this Verb Rap with me.  My students LOVED it!
And, that's that!  One more day :)))


Amy said...

Love this! What a great idea!

Karen Rowland said...

"Chillax" is definitely my fave! Ha - I love it!
Karen Rowland

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Suzy Q said...

We've been using the same song but it is just the music and lyrics. The students are going to love these "rappers"!!

Cathy said...

I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

In my county, 1st graders learn nouns/verbs. I'm about to bang my head against a wall that we're still working on those at Day 109 in 2nd grade! How can I move on to adjectives and adverbs?? I'll try the rap, to see if it helps. =) Thanks!